III-Kierros 2018

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Raindrops are bouncing on the ground. Autumn has taken away all the colors of the world. Grey is the only color you see through the tram stop’s glass wall. Wait a second. What is that? You see the light of the tram, but it doesn’t look or sound like the others. You squint your eyes to see better. It’s seems like that the tram is full of people. But why would a Thursday evenings tram number three be so full?

The tram stops.
The grey is gone.
All you see is dollar green.

Ahoy new Mursus! Do you know what is coming? The traditional pub crawl III-Kierros, organized by KY’s very own Cultural committee KUVA, is here again! And do you know what that means? For the first time ever, you can put your brand-new dollar green overalls on!

KUVA wants to welcome all the new and old students to the KY’s pub crawl III-Kierros. Tickets are sold in 15-minute departure slots instead of teams (e.g. 16:00-16:15). So pick the most suitable departure time for you, and inform it at the ticket sale. You can start your pub crawl within that 15-minutes slot you have chosen. Please arrive in time to the departure point of the event to avoid overcrowding!

After you have finished crawling the pubs, you may head to the Club Capital for the afterparty. There you can also get your overall badge! Doors open at 21:00.
The party doesn’t end after the afterparty! KY’s Cultural Sub-Committee KUJ will make sure, that you don’t have to end partying until dawn. The after-afterparty will be held at KY Building’s Alakertsi. Doors open at 03:00 and you can enjoy the madness until 06:00.

WHAT: III-Kierros Pub Crawl 2018
WHEN: Thursday October 11th at 16-06 (Pub Crawl time 16-23)
WHERE: Tram routes 3 and 2
START: Alakertsi, KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B, basement floor)
FINISH: Club Capital, Fredrikinkatu 51, HELSINKI
PRICE: 7 € (including entry to the afterparty)
DRESS CODE: Overalls
AFTERPARTY: Club Capital (Doors open at 21:00)
AFTER AFTER PARTY: Hosted by KUJ at 03-06 am @ Alakertsi, KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21 B, basement floor)
TICKETS: The ticket sale will be announced soon!




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