Accenture Breakfast: Consulting Myths Exposed


Interested in a career in consulting?

Sushi-dinners, champagne tastings and flying in business class? Straight-out-of-university, suit on and off to advise CEO’s? Streamlining the processes to align strategy with vision? 70-hour workweeks and still living the dream? Ah, another headhunter chasing your tail? Frankly, ooppa nyt rehellinen.

WHAT: Accenture Breakfast: Consulting Myths Exposed

WHEN: THU 14th APRIL 2016 AT 08:30-10:30

WHERE: PORKKALANKATU 5, Helsinki, Accenture office, 2nd floor

Accenture invites students of Aalto University School of Business to bust consulting myths, and to learn what consulting work really is all about. A diverse panel of Accenture consultants ranging from all different career levels, business units and backgrounds will be joining the panel. Questions sent before the event and questions posed in the event will be answered by the panel as frankly as possible. The panel will also be presenting their career paths and share an example of their typical workweek. Breakfast is served to all participants.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!