Aalto Marketing Society Tuesday Sessions – From Volunteering to the Lead

You are warmly welcomed to this fall’s first Aalto Marketing Society Tuesday Session! The season opens with a evening wich will take us to one of the marketing career stories and a phenomena called Slush. How volunteering can lead to a job in a growing organization? What kinds of challenges this brings and what kind of freedom it gives to the people? The event is hosted by Katariina Helaniemi, the Chief Program Curator of Slush, who has work experience for example from Demos Effects and the Consulate General of Finland in New York and a variety of volunteer experience from KY, KUJ and Slush just to mention a few.

Tuesday sessions are bi-monthly events, where marketing-minded people gather to have a drink or two and meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Each evening will be hosted by a guest speaker, who will give a short presentation on a topic he or she feels passionate about.

No need to be a marketing student, everyone is very welcome to come hang out and have a few drinks and great discussions in good company! Grab a friend too 🙂

WHAT: AMS Tuesday Session
WHERE: Navy Jerry’s
WHEN: 4.10.2016 at 18.00
COST: FREE (except for drinks of course)






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