Aalto City Challenge 2018

Get ready for an action-packed day!

Aalto City Challenge is a team-based adventure competition where teams of 3-4 people travel around the urban areas of Helsinki and Espoo by bikes and visit different checkpoints to earn points.

The checkpoints contain a wide variety of different challenges, such as stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and even escape rooms, meaning that strength alone won’t win this race. More info about the checkpoints and activities is coming soon so stay tuned, but one thing is guaranteed: an unforgettable day with your friends!

All checkpoints are voluntary, which means that your team can choose the checkpoints best suited for you to build your own winning strategy!

The event starts at 10:00 at Saha in Otaniemi and the teams have 8 hours to score as many points as they can before returning back to Otaniemi to enjoy some food, beverages and sauna.

This event is organized by KY’s Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy in collaboration with Aava and Aalto A!dventures, and is open for ALL Aalto students!

WHAT: Aalto City Challenge, bicycle adventure event with checkpoints!
WHERE: Capital area of Helsinki. Start and finish at Otaniemi
WHEN: 5.5.2018
PRICE AND REGISTRATION: More info coming soon, stay tuned!