Event organizing ABC

Before the event 

Resource calendar

KY Office

  • Pick up necessary keys and the extended reservation permit during office hours
  • Ask for door and burglar alarm programming if needed
  • Remember bouncers for bigger events
  • Contact the Culture Producer if you need to organize ticket sales at school or after-parties at bars

Check out also the Communications Channels and Event marketing process to guarantee a successful marketing process.

At the event


  • Fill in the checklist before the event starts
    • Only if your reservation is at Yläkertsi, Alakertsi, kitchens or Saha
    • The checklists can be found from the resource calendar, Club Guide or from ky.fi by scrolling to the bottom of the main page
  • NEVER block the doors with a chair etc. If you need to have the doors open when guests arrive, please contact service secretaries before your event
  • Without the extended reservation permit, you’re only allowed to stay until 22
  • Leave the premises as they were when you arrived (collect the tables & chairs, clean up the biggest messes)
  • No need to scrub the floors, unless someone throws up (in this case report to the KY office for special cleaning as well)
  • Read all the instructions at the premises

Emergency Situations

  • Inform the KY Office or call the property maintenance or 112
  • If the burglar alarm goes on at Otaniemi, show your keycard + enter your personal code to get extra time

At KY Building

  • Smoking at the balcony until 22, after that you can use the smoking room
  • It’s forbidden to use duct tape or silk paper for decorations
  • Use the fan when making food, if the fire alarm goes off in the kitchen wait that Securitas turns it off (don't call 112!)
  • Property maintenance: Kiinteistöhuolto Sami, 010 270 8880

At Saha

  • After 17:00 you need a code to enter
  • Alarms will go on at 01:30 unless you ask KY office to turn them off beforehand
  • Property maintenance: L&T,  010 636 7000

After the event

  • Take everything you brought with you (including the leftover food)
  • Take the trash out to the backyard’s trash container
  • Return the keys to the box at KY or Espilä or to the membership service employees ASAP
  • If something is broken or you notice anything unusual, fill in the broken form or report to the KY Office
  • At KY, throw the carbage to the waste compressor:
    1. Open the compressor
    2. Throw everything to the compressor
    3. Close the compressor
    4. Turn the key (and never push a button!)
    If you have a lot of waste, please do the process a few times.