Event marketing process


Add an event on Facebook

  1. Committees and project groups can create an event under KY’s Facebook page
  2. Clubs, subject clubs and sub-committees create events under their own pages
  3. Event banner photo size 1920 x 1080
  4. Event text first in English and below in Finnish. NOTE! Mention in the beginning in which language the event is held and that the Finnish description can be found below
  5. Creating the cover photo, you can use the templates. Clubs, subject clubs and subcommittees can choose to use KY's logo. Committees and project groups are to use it at all times.

Share to Facebook group

  1. Share to either KY Events or KY Career depending on the nature of the event. Only share to one group.
  2. Write the post in English. It is good to mention here in which language the event is held
  3. You might also want to share it to AYY Events to reach a broader audience

Add the event on Kyweb (right now, not in use)

  1. Scroll down on Kyweb, click WP Admin and log in with your credentials
  2. Once logged in, click “Events → Add New” on the left banner
  3. Add the name of the event and a short description, preferably with a link to the Facebook event
  4. Add event categories by ticking suitable boxes on the right banner (e.g. Otaniemi)
  5. Add a picture in two places: on top of the text and in the right banner on “Featured image” which shows in the thumbnail. Use the same size as on Facebook cover (1920 x 1080)
  6. Click “Publish” on the right banner

Add to Monday mail

  1. The event will be added automatically to Event this week and Mark you calendars already sections if it’s on KY Events
  2. If for some reason you haven’t put it on KY Events, e-mail it to the Communications Coordinator latest on Friday at 12
  3. If you wish to have a broader info on the letter (50-150 words), e-mail it to the Communications Coordinator (same deadline)
  4. If you have ticket sales before the event, they can be added to Monday Mail if asked separately

Create posters and/or table triangles

  1. Event marketing is transferring more and more to digital, these are only created for big events
  2. You can use the templates for creating posters and triangles
  3. Clubs, subject clubs and sub-committees can choose to use either black & white or colored versions of the logo. Committees and project groups are to use the colored version

Post pictures from the event (or even ticket sales) on Instagram

  1. Tag @ky_1911 and your picture may be reposted

Document and share

  1. You can borrow KY’s camera if needed - remember to book it from resource calendar in advance
  2. Committees and subcommittees have login details for ky.kuvat.fi - upload your pictures there and share on FB event
  3. For the biggest events, ask the Communications Coordinator to share the pictures on KY Page
  4. The easiest way for others is to add the pictures on their Facebook page and share to FB event

Language policy

  1. Only post to Facebook groups in English
  2. Event description should be first in English and then in Finnish
    1. It's good to start with ***Event is held in Finnish / English. Scroll down for Finnish description***
    2. Separate the different language descriptions with a line