Emilia’s Blog – Year as the Communications Coordinator

The past year of my life has been like no other and certainly not what I expected. Listing the skills I’ve learned during my time as KY’s communications coordinator would take ages, but I feel like the overall ability to comprehend big communications and brand related ensembles, managing them as well as working on many projects simultaneously has been the most rewarding part of the job. I’ve written countless newsletters, struggled with KY’s website and shared high fives when I’ve finally gotten it to work the way I wanted to, produced content for KY’s social media platforms, delivered some unfortunate news to our members regarding having to cancel events, spent long nights laughing with my coworkers. The year feels like a rollercoaster and I am feeling kind of bittersweet at the thought of it ending so soon. 

The global covid-situation has obviously had its effect on KY: therefore I haven’t been able to do all the things I originally expected I would have, but the situation has had its perks too. We have been able to take on some bigger projects at the communications sector, like working to refresh KY’s website and brand. During an ordinary year, I doubt we would have had enough time for this kind of work and it is an amazing feeling to know that I’ve truly left my own handprint on the way KY is going to look like for the next few years.


Comments from Kiti, Board member responsible for Communications and Brand

“When I started as a board member in January, I knew that there would be a lot of big projects to be finished in spring and summer. Emilia and I have been working closely regarding refreshing KY’s brand and our website, and I would not be anywhere without an active and hands on communications coordinator like her. It has also been great to brainstorm and plan KY’s yearly communications and also come up with topical posts like the one on instagram on Minna Canth’s Day that we made together with the board. We have had a lot of fun and laughed a lot despite the fact that we have been working remotely this spring. 

Communications sector at KY is the biggest and the best sector and I’m looking forward to welcoming the new communications coordinator to “Piireistä parhain” in August <3”

In addition to getting to showcase my skills when it comes to KY’s communications, I’ve acted as the vice chair and secretary of the Masters’ Committee. Getting to be a part of a committee as amazing as MC has definitely been one of the best parts of the job. And like everyone before me has thought, I too think that at KY it is largely about the people you end up working with and I can with confidence say that I’ve gotten to work in amazing teams with incredible people. Especially when the circumstances are challenging, nothing makes the job feel better than the people you get to do it with. 


Comments from Mia, Board member responsible for Master’s Students:

“Leading the Masters’ Committee wouldn’t be as rewarding and fun if I didn’t have the chance to do it with my partner in crime, Emilia! I believe our good cooperation results in the best possible outcomes. This applies to recruiting the committee members, planning fun activities for MC’21 and enabling them to do their part as volunteers by making sure they get all the support they need. If there is anything related to MC that I need a helping hand with, I know I can always brainstorm it with Emilia.”

If you have any questions regarding my position or working at KY, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Emilia Silius
Communications Coordinator 2020-2021
044 330 5514