Digital KY


Initiative focuses on streamlining our activities, digitizing our services and shifting towards more data based decision making. Areas where this will manifest mostly are the member services and the new premises.

Where are we now?

Currently the newly chosen Task Force has started its work efficiently. We are searching for potential partners for the project and gathering feedback across platforms. The main goal is to work in a very agile way while constantly keeping our members in mind. So far discussions have been initiated at the Future Search with KY Office and KY volunteers as well as at Club Forums. Currently we are working on streamlining our current digital member services and also looking for a suitable discussion forum for KY members.


KY is also actively working towards better and safer personal data management. In order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will was enforced in May 2018 we updated our register descriptions. If associations have any questions about GDPR don’t hesitate to contact the KY Office.


Updated 12th of June, 2018.