Culture’s best sides

If you ask me, there is only one sector at KY, and that of course is Culture. Not quite sure, if there is a student Organisation in the world that has a better culture that of KY. And when I am talking about Culture, I mean everything from a newly formed club’s career event to the ecstasy of the Annual Ball week. KY’s culture is not solely those long cherished traditions that even feel silly sometimes, it is so much more.

My time is mainly divided between three major ensembles: Board work, Culture sector and New Students. Board work consists of us as a board discussing, making decisions, planning the bigger picture and of course representing KY in various events. We all do this collectively with the entire board, and even though ‘mouho’ is occasionally present, it is an amazing opportunity to have a say in what is happening in our community in the years to come.

Culture sector consists of me, my partner in crime: the culture producer, three subcommittees and our amazing KUVA. Culture committee, KUVA, is one of the most fun parts about my job. There is never a dull moment and enormous sets occur often. Organising events could not be more fun than it is with our committee. Other parts of the sector is coordinating the huge variety of events that KY has, planning weeks like Wappu and the Annual Ball week and of course being there to support all three subcommittees.

KY has A LOT of new students coming in, including mursus, economics mursus and masters mursus. I have gotten to be a part of welcoming them all into the School of Business, KY and Aalto community, and it has been a blast. Ranging from planning the orientation week with the school to sitting down for hours and selecting the tutors with Tutor Committee. In addition: How could yet another orientation week that you get to be a part of not be fun?

So yeah, it has been a fun year with incredible people. Walking in the corner of culture in Espilä everyday is THE BEST, just wishing it wouldn’t end so soon. 


Kia Tuominen