Covid-19 trainings for event organizers

As we have decided to further specify our instructions for the event participants and for the event organizers during this time, we will organize more training sessions for event organizers in the upcoming weeks.

The training is mandatory for all event organizers at KY that wish to organize events at KY Premises (if you are not planning on organizing an event during autumn, you don’t have to participate).


At least one person from each association participates. The person who completes the training is responsible for sharing the information to the rest of the association.

You can pick one of the five possible times to attend:

  • 16.9. 10-11
  • 16.9. 17-18
  • 17.9. 10-11
  • 17.9. 17-18
  • 18.9. 10-11


If no one from your organization can attend the training, please contact Executive Director Nina Pitkänen ( to discuss alternative ways to get the information.

Notice! If you have attended the previous training on 1.9., you can choose to only watch a video where the changes in instructions are explained instead attending the new training.  The video will be send to you via email. In this case, while filling up the form check the box “supplement video”.


The information collected through the form will be used only for the purposes of organising this training.

Sign-up for the training here:




If you wish, you can read the previous training’s  presentation slides here.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our contact information can be found here.