Covid-19 and its effects to KY Community

From this page you can find all the relevant information regarding Covid-19 and how it will affect KY. We have concluded instructions for participants and event organizers, and tips on how to organize events safely in these exceptional times.

All events must comply with the safety regulations given by the Finnish authorities. Due to the swift changes regarding the epidemic situation, KY encourages its associations to follow the authorities’ recommendations regarding organizing events. 

All KY’s premises will be open for reservations.

Saha will have a restricted maximum capacity of 80 individuals, meeting rooms Contactor and TuoMela at their full capacity.

Please note that the use of KY premises is always limited during the summer, as the office is on holiday in July.

 If you test positive for Covid-19 and you have attended KY’s event:

Contact the association that has organised the event as soon as possible (see their contact information from the Facebook Event or from our Get Involved-page)

Contact the KY Office as soon as possible. The first persons to contact are Nina Pitkänen, Executive Director or Niko Ylä-Poikelus the Chair of the Board. You can find all the contact information here.

Information regarding Covid-19

See the latest updates of the overall situation regarding Covid-19 and how it affects KY.

Information on coronavirus

Instructions regarding Covid-19

See the latest instructions from Finnish authorities regarding the current Covid-19 situation.

Instructions regarding Covid-19

Instructions for event organisers

KY has decided to further specify our instructions for the event participants and the event organizers during this time. Here you can find all the instructions for event organizers, information about trainings, guidelines on how to determine Safety and Hygiene rating for an event and tips on how to organize events remotely.

From the bottom of the page you can find a checklist for event organizers and an anonymous feedback form, through which you can send feedback regarding these updates to the instructions as well as how you feel about organizing events during this time and how KY could help you during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Checklist for event organisers

1. I have read and understood KY’s instructions for event organizers
2. At least one person from my association has attended KY’s Covid-19 training for event organizers
3.There is a sign-up form for my event to collect all the participants’ contact information and to avoid crowded queues before the event
4. I have decided on a Hygiene and Safety rating for my event, and it can be found from the Facebook event description
5. The event organizers contact information can be found in the Facebook event description, so that in the case of an infection it is easy to contact the event organizer

How do you feel about the instructions, organizing events during these exceptional times and how could KY help you?

Tell us here!