Corporate Relations

At KY, we strongly encourage our clubs and associations to take a proactive approach towards corporate relations and are more than happy to offer you support and guidance when you need it. However, whilst each club represents an independent association, remember that you also represent KY!

Therefore, in order to ensure that our corporate affairs are carried out in a coordinated manner, we ask our associations to first discuss new projects with our corporate relations team. This is particularly important when contacting KY’s official partners – if you wish to cooperate with them, make sure to first contact KY’s Sales Coordinator or the board member responsible for corporate relations. They are always happy to help!

Corporate relations in a nutshell

Corporate cooperation can be roughly divided into three sections:

  1. Financial operating grants for single events and / or on a yearly basis
  2. Product gifts
  3. Expert lectures and business excursions

When contacting a company, it’s important to consider which of these is most valuable to your association - whilst a subject club may benefit from a keynote speaker at their event, another club may value 10 kg of free, quality coffee more!

Before contacting a company, make sure to have a clear idea of what you have to offer. It’s a good idea to start by contacting companies that you’ve previously collaborated with successfully. Remember that decision-making in companies can be slow, so the sooner you start, the better!

Whilst your first contact will most likely be a phone call, it’s good to have written documentation of what you’ve agreed upon.

Remember to always underpromise, overdeliver!