Company of the Week: What is SAP Consultant’s work at IBM like?

S – A – P, SAP. Regardless of how you spell it, for most business and technical students these three letters are nothing but a familiar echo from lectures or an obscure sighting in an article or a job posting. The selected few may have encountered it during their internships or summer work. In case you are not that familiar with SAP, it is a family of business applications, originally developed by the German company of the same name. SAP in its many forms is used by thousands of organizations across the world to run the fundamental business processes ranging from finance and HR to sales, manufacturing, logistics and so on. Being one of the largest technology companies in the world, IBM is a leading SAP partner, offering various services related to SAP. I decided to apply to the position of SAP Consultant Trainee after returning from my student exchange from Czech Republic. I ran into SAP over the course of my studies, during my internships and part-time work. When I saw that IBM is looking for SAP Consultant Trainees, I was tempted to apply as I had been considering pursuing a career within IT consulting.

The position of SAP Consultant Trainee is an excellent pathway into the world of technology consulting. As SAP Consultant Trainee, you are perfectly positioned to experience how large companies in various industries run their business processes. You are working as a junior consultant, supporting more experienced colleagues in project work. For instance, my past 1,5 years at IBM have taken me through varying projects in the world of SAP, from more technical roles in system configuration and testing to business analysis, pre-sales and proposal work. I am often working as a part of an international team at the customer location. However, opportunities for working from home or IBM office are ample. You work often very closely with the customer representatives, channeling information within your global team.

Consulting work is often quite hectic and the pace is changing suddenly from day to day. One of the best things at IBM is that you can count on support and insights from experienced SAP professionals with multiple projects under their belt. As SAP Consultant Trainee you have to take full ownership and responsibility of developing your hard and soft skills. The great selection of courses and learning opportunities and access to a global network of professionals provides excellent development opportunities. I can say it is a real privilege to work with so many experienced and highly skilled colleagues and customer representatives, something that is valuable for a young professional in the early stages of their career.

As a work environment, IBM is a truly global company. IBM employs literally hundreds of thousands of IT professionals. Thanks to this, the company is really international and diverse as a community. Having recently completed my master’s degree, I really appreciated that IBM supports the students in finishing their studies. I wrote my thesis for IBM which enabled me to combine my day to day work with my studies. IBM is flexible in giving you time to finish up your studies. If you are tempted to try out IT consulting and solve business problems by using real tools of the trade, I can warmly welcome the position of Enterprise Applications Consultant Trainee at IBM. It provides a great opportunity to get familiar with the world of global IT consulting and work with competent and nice people. More information about the open position can be found here.


Ville Kallonen

Enterprise Applications SAP Consultant