Company of the Week: What Accenture offers for digital marketing?

Digital marketing might not be the first thing that comes into mind when thinking about Accenture. However, Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital, has been named the world’s biggest and fastest growing digital agency network.  We work with large clients from various industries around digital experiences, marketing, commerce and content.

I found myself at Accenture Interactive after having worked several years for different digital agencies. My story is a very usual one.  As a marketing major I was faced by the typical problem of struggling with too many options rather than seeing one clear career path before me. Through a combination of good luck and great timing, I had the opportunity to write my master’s thesis for Aalto Future store project looking into the future of retailing. Studying e-commerce was a very obvious theme for me and I quickly found myself intrigued by all the possibilities that digitalization could offer. After that, pretty much every career move I have made has revolved around digital.

What interests me in digital marketing is its ever evolving nature. Technology progresses so quickly that you are constantly in verge of something that didn’t exist before. I chose Accenture Interactive as it is at the cutting edge of business and technology. Moreover it is one of the few global digital players with an end-to-end digital proposition mastering both strategy and implementation.

Working as a management consultant at Accenture, no one day is like another. You get to work with very different projects and clients from various industries. However what is most rewarding in this type of work are the people; the brilliant and supportive colleagues and the clients who value your work. I warmly recommend Accenture Interactive to anyone who is passionate about marketing and helping companies transform and grow digitally.


Erika Luukkonen,

Management Consultant, Digital Marketing

Accenture Interactive