Company of the Week: Vainu – Operation Blacksmith

Our latest Blacksmith meetup has just come to an end. This time, eight people from different Vainu countries gathered at our newly opened office in New York.Blacksmith is an internal development program that aims to help Vainu’s talent develop and benchmark the way we work with other companies.

During four days in New York the group exchanged ideas and knowledge, carried out three office visits with inspiring companies in the city and made plans for how Vainu can continue to grow and improve both its product and organization. Our gathering in New York was the first time this year that we had people from all our Vainu offices gathered in one room, including our new offices in New York and Oslo. With the new setup in mind, to say we had a lot to talk about would be an understatement.

Thursday, our first day in New York, we met at our US office, located at one of the WeWork co-working offices in Manhattan. During the first hours, we had Samuel Lee, our first US hire, walk us through the basics of the American market.

Being used to working in Europe, it was soon clear that things work a little bit different on the other side of the Atlantic. We discussed best practices for sales and marketing in the US, and talked about how we will implement those when launching Vainu in the new market. The Blacksmith group got many ideas and teachings to bring back home with them – such as using more content in the sales process and using different tools to do that effectively.


Key takeaways

At Vainu we don’t only want to find the best developers and sales people, but people who can develop into management positions in our company. The Blacksmith program is created to make sure that talent is spread between our Vainu offices and to motivate our employees to grow within the company.

Events like the Blacksmith meetup in New York aims to give participants, and later on every employee at Vainu, more knowledge about different markets and the company as a whole. This to give everyone who’s interested in an international career the knowledge he or she needs to transfer to a new office and help Vainu become an international SaaS player.

Rewarding great effort and combining important business sessions with relaxed dinners in New York is a part of the Vainu culture we’re building in order to attract the best talents and make them stay with us. The Blacksmith team got the chance to see that our company has a huge potential in the US. Hopefully we will soon greet more American and European co-workers welcome to the Vainu family.

Stay posted on where the next Blacksmith trip will take place. We’re currently looking for new members – you might be one of them?