Company of the Week: Strategy consulting at Accenture

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My name is Tuukka Väisänen, and I work in the Business Strategy team in Accenture’s Helsinki office. Business Strategy is one of the teams within Accenture’s Strategy consulting practice.

When and why did I join Accenture Strategy? What is my educational background?

In some weeks, it will be a year since I joined Accenture. Strategy consulting felt like the best career option at that time as I wanted to grow fast professionally after my graduation, and Accenture Strategy felt like the most fit option for me based on my personal preferences.

I studied Finance as my major at Aalto University School of Business, from where I graduated in 2015. I also did the CEMS MIM degree in International Management. Both degrees gave me good analytical and team work capabilities for the work I’m currently doing.

What have I found the most rewarding or interesting in strategy consulting?

I really like the feeling of having an impact on something meaningful for your client. Especially when you see signs that the strategic advice proposed by your team is received well by the client, or even better, being implemented. Furthermore, you won’t have two similar days at work. As your team is at least virtually in daily interaction with the client side, in the morning you cannot exactly predict how your day will look like at the end. Situations may change with a fast pace, which is also sometimes stressful, but at the same time it makes your work more interesting and the time flies by quickly.

Is my work international? Do I get to (or dependent on the view point do I have to) travel?

I would say I’m very happy with the required level of travel, as I don’t want to be away from home every week or even every other week, but I still like to get outside of Finland from time to time also for work. I have visited some other European countries for client workshops and for internal project team work in my previous assignments, and also lately spent two weeks in Accenture Strategy training in the United States. Even though I mostly work from Finland physically, other members of my project team may be located in other Accenture offices abroad, or client counterparts may be based elsewhere, and thus I’m exposed to international work environment almost daily.

Which attribute do I find particularly helpful for succeeding in strategy consulting?

Curiosity. You will definitely like the industry if you get excited about learning random new things, such as Company X’s market size of industry Y in country Z.


Tuukka Väisänen

Strategy Analyst

Accenture Strategy