Company of the Week: SEB – Wednesday

Wednesday – Connecting with colleagues

I work as a portfolio analyst in Asset Management Sales. We are eight people in my team and I always like to point out that we represent five different decades. All of us have a Master’s degree in Economics/Finance or an MBA but we are a surprisingly diverse set of people: senior colleagues have industry experience all the way to the crazy 80’s in stock exchange whereas us 20-somethings bring new ideas to the table, follow Fintech blogs and volunteer for SLUSH.

I usually come to the office around 8:45 but because it’s Thursday I check in already at 7:30 to join SEB Social Club’s CompactFit bodyweight training – a great way to kick start your day and meet colleagues in a somewhat new setting.

At the office I check both my own and team members’ calendars to get a grip of everyone’s schedule. I get a couple of trade orders in my mailbox, book the trades and answer some emails. After the most urgent tasks I read SEB Markets morning updates. At 10:30 we have a meeting with one of our Asian fund managers where we discuss market views and fund performance. Our global network gives an international flavor to my work: through our own and external managers our fund offering covers all corners of the world.

I enjoy lunch in our cafeteria with my team mate Emmy and couple of guys from Private Banking. We talk about our weekend plans and SEB moving to new office space in 2017. During the day I answer client requests and support client executives in analysis and custom reporting tasks. At times I can spend hours putting together presentations including portfolio & performance reports and analysis, market commentary and sometimes asset-liability management analysis. Seems a lot for one person, right? Well, that’s not the whole story. I am always building on other people’s work – I use material produced by colleagues from Investment Management, Manager Research and our Stockholm-based ESG (environmental, social and governance) team.

I leave the office around 5.15 pm but a couple of hours later my phone beeps – my team leader has shared a picture from a hockey game in our team Whatsapp which keeps us connected when we are out of office. You might not picture the portfolio analyst job as very social, but in fact my work is all about interacting with colleagues, business partners and clients. We connect, collaborate and interact in so many ways that constant learning is an inevitable side effect. Following my own and colleagues career paths within different divisions and countries I am pleased to know that SEB offers good opportunities to move forward in your career, also at a young age.

Anni Harmaala