Company of the Week: SEB – Local Internship Programme

In this post you will hear thoughts of our current Local Intern Tea Sarajuuri who started her internship at SEB in August. We are now looking for new interns to take part in our Local Internship Programme 2020 and the application period for the programme is open until 8th October. Read more and apply here:


My name is Tea Sarajuuri and I study at Aalto University School of Business. I major in finance and minor in accounting. I’m about to finish my Bachelor’s degree and move on to Master’s studies.

I first heard about SEB and the Local Internship Programme from a Facebook ad advertising an excursion event organized by Women’s Career Network and SEB. I got intrigued by the event description and decided to sign up for the excursion.

During the excursion I learnt a lot about green investing and green bonds and the sustainability aspect of finance. I also had several discussions with the SEB representatives. In the course of the event it came clear to me; I would apply for a position at the Local Internship Programme.

During the first weeks of the Internship Programme I have learnt how to analyze and consume economical knowledge and data from financial accounts. I have deepened my skills on Excel and prepared several reports and presentations on PowerPoint. I have slowly started to form a larger and deeper understanding of the financial markets and how they function.

My expectations of the programme have so far been met. I have met several people across the bank and learnt a lot from the financial industry. I also enjoy the company of my team members and the afterwork evenings that we have had.

I hope to witness transactions and learn to understand the financial markets more deeply in the course of the internship. I hope that after the internship I would have a more clear understanding of the different jobs in the financial industry and maybe a sense of which direction I would like to pursue in my career.