Company of the Week: SEB – A glimpse to a truly unique trainee programme

We are currently looking for graduates to our International Trainee Programme so for this post we asked one current trainee to tell you first-hand about her experiences at SEB. Please read more about the International Trainee Programme and apply by January 29th the latest here.

A glimpse to a truly unique trainee programme

With only four months experience as SEB’s international trainee, I am already fully convinced by the programme’s uniqueness. Why? Well let me shed some light on my experience so far.

Starting off with my background, what initially tuned me towards SEB was the unconventional, open approach towards recruiting “non-finance” students such as myself. I graduated as a Master of Science (Economics and business administration) majoring in Creative Sustainability and CEMS MiM double degree from Aalto University and the London School of Economics. Although one may wonder how such a background fits the finance industry, I can tell you the trainee programme is a great starting point for a career in banking.

This is since during the one-year programme we trainees learn a wide range of skills both in terms of self-development (through workshops on presentation, debating, and leadership skills) and banking knowledge (through divisional weeks in all the bank’s main areas). In addition to being exposed to such learning opportunities, the trainees get the chance to do rotations in different positions both in Finland and abroad. Such rotations include a one-month internship in one of SEB’s foreign sites. Hence whether you’re looking to explore the exotic Asian markets or alternatively the finance hubs of London or New York, we have plenty of opportunities to explore. Personally I’m planning on staying a bit closer, visiting the high yield team (DCM) in Stockholm this spring.

In addition to gaining wide knowledge on the banking sector, which further opens up doors for one’s career at SEB, another big merit of the programme is the international network you will
build. As the trainee programme includes annually 25 trainees from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany, we spend approximately one week per month abroad together with the other trainees visiting different sites. For this spring we have planned visits to Oslo, Frankfurt, Vilnius and Riga in addition to regular trips to Stockholm.

Finally, getting back to my first point; no matter what your background is there are opportunities at SEB for pretty much everyone. This year the trainee group includes also many
positions in areas outside conventional banking such as sales and business development (where I am positioned currently), data science, UX design etcetera. Hence whether you are a born-banker or only have a slight itch for the finance sector, I definitely recommend that you apply for our programme and join our team! The application round for the next programme starting in September 2018 is now open! Don’t hesitate to read more and apply through here.


Petra Tammisto

International Trainee 2017/2018

Feel free to contact me – I’d be happy to share information on the programme and the recruitment process!