Company of the Week: PwC – Deals

Company of the Week: PwC – Deals


PwC Deals is part of broader PwC Advisory. The Deals teams include Corporate Finance, Deals Strategy (commercial due diligence and strategy), Transaction Services (financial due diligence) and Delivering Deal Value (post-merger integration and carve out). To broader Advisory belong also Strategy& and Consulting. Find out more by reading the thoughts of Olli-Markus Savolainen, current trainee and Outi Kreus, Associate.


Olli-Markus Savolainen


I joined PwC Deals Strategy team as a trainee in August 2018. Our team typically conducts analyses (due diligence) of the subject company’s business, underlying market and competitive field, mainly for the purpose of a M&A transaction or strategy work. We work closely with other teams in PwC, such as Transaction Services, Corporate Finance and Strategy&.


Having done one consulting internship before, I got a flying start and was staffed to a live project instantly after receiving my computer in the first morning. Surely something I did not expect from a large international corporation that I admit to have considered somewhat rigid and conservative. After being briefed about the project and my area of responsibility, I was already in a call with the client company CEO to talk about their business and her perceptions of the most important focus areas.


Another thing that really impressed me was the amount of time my team members and seniors were ready to invest on me. We had many lively and intensive discussions about the topic and I was really challenged to think what are the most important things in the case and how I should solve them in the best possible way. Furthermore, PwC is full of professionals from various backgrounds and expertise so there always seems to be someone who can help you to understand complex details and dynamics of a specific market more in more detail.


In addition to personal growth, I have had real fun spending my time with my colleagues both at work and in more unofficial situations, such as crayfish party or adventure park. Almost needless to say, I believe that the most important single factor in your well-being at work is the people around you. And the people who I have met at PwC are people who I really have enjoyed working with.



Outi Kreus


I joined PwC Deals as a trainee in February 2017 and got to experience several different teams. After a couple of months, I received a full-time offer and since fall 2017, I’ve also been part of Edge – the PwC Deals graduate program for Europe, Middle-East and Africa.


I originally applied for PwC because I wanted to build a strong tool box of technical skills. When ranked by number of deals, our Corporate Finance team is one of the top mid-market M&A advisors. Our due diligence teams take part in more than one hundred transactions every year, serving all type of clients from private equities to large, listed companies in Finland and abroad.. Putting all this together, PwC truly offers a viewpoint to the M&A world.


During these one and a half years, I have learned a lot, something new every day. In addition to all the technical and analytical aspects, our work is a lot about relationships and interaction between people. What would then be the best part of working with deals? It’s probably the intensity and the intriguing atmosphere that typically remains throughout our projects as the processes tend to be quite full of twists and turns.


Finally, I must say that one of the most important parts of my work is the people I get to work with. My colleagues, many of whom I have the privilege to call my friends, are the ones who eventually make the days (and sometimes nights) so much more fun.



Olli-Markus Savolainen

Trainee, Deals Strategy

Aalto University School of Business, B.Sc. Finance student


Outi Kreus

Associate, Corporate Finance, Edge –  PwC Deals Graduate program

Aalto University School of Business, M.Sc. Corporate Communication