Company of the Week: Nordea – Corporate & Investment Banking

I joined Nordea full-time in September, having done a four-month internship in the spring of 2016. I am graduating from Aalto University School of Business at the end of this year, with Finance as my major. In addition, next year I will graduate from CEMS with the degree of Masters’ in International Management (CEMS MIM).


What I most enjoy about my job is the broad scale of transactions, the importance of relationships and the analytical side. We work in a project-oriented manner, advising and organizing large and mid-sized corporate transactions including public takeovers, acquisitions, IPOs and rights issues. The transactions often have an actual impact on the Finnish economy, and each project is different, meaning you don’t have the time to get bored as you continuously face new challenges. As a large bank, we also have the element of arranging larger scale financing in connection to transactions, allowing cross-division cooperation with the Debt Capital Markets and Leveraged Finance team.


The decision to start off my career as an investment banker was not self-evident. Before Nordea I had some work experience from the finance industry, and realized I sought a more dynamic job with less routines and preferably a project nature. I then interned in a smaller corporate finance boutique and realized that in order to maximize my learning, I didn’t want to limit myself from the full scope of transactions, as smaller players tend to focus on M&A deals. After my internship at Nordea Investment Banking, I pondered whether staying in Finland would be the right option for me. During my CEMS year I did an exchange at LSE in London, and having talked to local investment bankers at several occasions, I begun to appreciate the comprehensive approach, greater responsibility and lower hierarchies experienced by also junior team members at Nordea. Moreover, I welcome the opportunities Nordea provides for rotation to other departments or countries within the Nordics.


Looking at the future, I am excited for upcoming deals and working on them with our great team – after all, the job would be only half of it without the people. My best advice is to try different things for yourself, as the right thing for you may not be what you initially think. If you are searching for a versatile environment and a career with a hands-on approach to fulfilling clients’ needs, I can recommend investment banking!


Emilia Malmi

Analyst, Nordea Corporate & Investment Banking – Advisory