Company of the Week: HEKO – Monday

This week it is HEKO’s (Business School Graduates in Helsinki) time to familiarise us with their organisation. Stay tuned for the four other interesting posts to come!

In fall 2013 I found myself in a new city and in a totally new situation. I was finally “officially adult”! I had graduated from Turku School of Economics, found a day job, and moved to a new city. Even though I was lucky and had many friends living in Helsinki, I was keen to know my new hometown even more and expand my network both within my workplace and outside of it.

During my studies, I had been a member of SEFE and after graduation one of my colleagues suggested to me that I should come to one of the events he was organizing with HEKO Nuoret Ekonomit (HEKO Young Business School Graduates), and this is how my story with HEKO started.

At first, I was like any other member participating in events where I could meet new people, learn about interesting companies and hear professional lectures on topical issues. However, after a while I started thinking that maybe there could be more to the organization. As I had been active in student union groups during my studies, I had always had it in the back of my mind that I would like to continue with similar voluntary work at some point, and with HEKO Nuoret Ekonomit -society I saw my chance. I applied to become a board member in HEKO Nuoret Ekonomit and to my luck, I was chosen.

The past two years working in the board of Nuoret Ekonomit has been a delight. I have been able to meet a fantastic group of people who have amazed me with their warm personalities and professional take on everything they do. I have been able to learn both from my fellow board members as well as from the persons either presenting or participating in our events. In addition to all of this, I have made new friendships and been involved in organizing some awesome events such as the Dreamventures lecture by Riku Rantala last year. It has astounded me that so many talented and committed persons are willing to give up their time in order to bring value to HEKO members.

Overall, I feel happy that I was encouraged to join the events and being a member of the board in Nuoret Ekonomit. What I would like to see in the future is more new faces especially students joining HEKO and bringing their own fresh perspective and ideas to the group.

As my two-year position in Nuoret Ekonomit is drawing to its end, I must say that if you are wondering what people actually do after graduation: apply for the board and find out! If board work is not for you, keep in mind that all students are welcome to all HEKO events!


Saara Hirvonen