Company of the Week: KPMG – Assistant Manager in Immigration and Relocation Services

I graduated from Aalto University School of Business in January 2014. My major was Management and I also studied Economics and Corporate Law as my Minor. I worked full-time at Aalto University Student Services during my Master’s studies, and continued working there after my graduation. In 2012, my oldest son was born, and obviously this change in my personal life – becoming a mother – required a break from work and also postponed the graduation, but nevertheless it was the best decision I have made in my life this far!

In fall 2014, I was recruited to KPMG to work at the People Services team as a Global Mobility Advisor. I had been pondering on whether to change to work in the private sector, and this position at KPMG was really a dream come true. My journey at KPMG started off very well – our business in providing assignment management services for big Finnish and global companies was growing very fast, and we won new client engagements and recruited more employees on our team with a fast pace. The development and growth of the business has sometimes felt as if though I would be working in fast-growth company or a start-up – our team has during the past few years developed new services and new ways of working, and it has been fascinating to be part of this change.

Currently, I am an Assistant Manager in Immigration and Relocation Services, and I coordinate several client accounts globally, as well as in Finland. My work is very international and tasks vary each day.

Our Immigration and Relocation team has grown from 3 people in 2014 to 12 in 2017. On a personal level, the growth in business has definitely given me wide career possibilities and learning points, which I have enjoyed very much. I look forward to the coming years at KPMG!


Jenny Blåfield-Rautanen

People Services


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