Company of the Week: KPMG – A lawyer with emphasis on business law

Before even starting my studies I was not sure whether I would like to pursue my career in the field of
law or in the field of business. Therefore, I decided to give myself a chance to reflect my aspirations a bit
more by way of applying to both University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law and Aalto University School of
Business (which was back then Helsinki School of Economics). After three years of studies I had made my
mind: I would become a lawyer with emphasis on business law.

I worked part-timely during my studies as a trainee in two well respected law firms where I realized that
working as an expert is something I really want to do. Companies that have the sole purpose of
providing their clients with expert services is a good way to start one’s career as all tasks and all projects
are different.

After graduating from the University of Helsinki I signed my first employment agreement as a lawyer in
one of the law firms where I worked as a trainee. At the same time I finalized my bachelor’s degree at
Aalto University with major in finance. As a lawyer I decided to change my major from finance to
business law, which has proved to be a very smart move. I am currently finalizing my master’s degree as
I have only a couple of pages left to write into my thesis.

After almost two years at the law firm I heard of a vacant position at KPMG from a friend of mine who
works here, and he persuaded me to apply for it. Luckily, I got an offer and so I started as KPMG’s legal
counsel in autumn 2017. I soon realized that here I can take almost as much responsibility as I can,
which has been a real eye-opener for me. I really don’t have similar days as every morning when I open
my e-mail I have something new waiting for me. I strongly feel that, at least for me, KPMG is the place to


Teemu Lahdelma
Senior Associate, Legal
Master of Laws, 2015 & to be Master of Economics


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