Company of the Week: KPMG – A Glimpse to an Audit Professional’s Mind

What could someone with a rather varied background who is interested in, and curious about, almost everything do with their life while also taking full advantage of their business studies? For me, an omnivore of interesting information with a quiz show addiction and some history with financial reports in other entities, the answer came in the form of a successful application to join the Enterprise division at the KPMG Helsinki office as an audit professional. Somewhat coincidentally, the day before my interview I had attended a somewhat unrelated sushi themed introductory event KPMG had organized with KY Accounting – I guess it will remain a mystery where the actual first impressions were made.


My work being mostly audit-related has provided me with a broad understanding of how corporations and other entities function both inside and outside the accounting department. Contrary to some beliefs, auditing is much more than just ploughing through folders and spreadsheets looking for errors. As a reasonably social person, the highlights of any engagement are the discussions you have with the client’s personnel about how they conduct their operations and how things are going in general. While the tone of these conversations tends to be quite informal, they are a crucial step as knowing your client is a core prerequisite of successful engagements and, consequently, lasting relationships. On the other hand, as interesting as diving head first into the inner workings of a client may be, once the responsible partner has signed the report and the documentation has been archived, the satisfaction brought by a finished job is what ultimately keeps you hungry for more.


A word about my closest colleagues: The KPMG Enterprise division is a growing team of professionals who focus on providing mainly small and medium sized clients with a comprehensive selection of audit, tax, legal, and advisory services. The resulting synergies, while being primarily aimed at being able to quickly respond to any and all issues our clients may come up with, have also brought the added, but intended, benefit of allowing KPMG professionals to more conveniently share their expertise with colleagues of different specializations and backgrounds as needed. This kind of environment is something I personally value as I consider every encounter, be it with a client or a colleague, to be an important learning opportunity.


As a proud KY corporate partner KPMG will be prominently involved in several events and festivities during the school year, ranging from professionally ambitious to more light-hearted ones. We will always be happy to answer any questions you may have about working at KPMG. Remember to keep your eyes open for available positions as we look forward to seeing many of you build a career with us!


Kristian Kokkola

Audit & Assurance