Company of the Week: How career choices brought Tiina to KPMG?

I wasn’t ever one of those who knew her career plans from primary school. After finishing high school I worked a couple of years in a clothing store and then ended up to study behavioral sciences in University of Helsinki. However, my inborn capitalist didn’t fit there and I decided to apply to study business in Aalto. After wandering those few years around I wanted to graduate as soon as possible and I managed to squeeze up my studies into three years.

I worked part-timely during my studies as a back-office specialist in a small investment bank and found financial services really interesting. Close to my graduation I started to think where I could combine my accounting and business law studies to financial services. I heard about financial services specialized audit team in KPMG and their impressive client portfolio from financial field. I applied to KPMG trainee program, did a three months internship in spring 2015 and then got a permanent position starting from next fall after that.

My work days are always different from each other and work assignments vary a lot, depending on the time of the financial year. Beginning of the year is a busy season with financial statement audits and fall is more for business process auditing. We have a wide range of clients operating in financial sector from general banking, investment banking, fund management and insurance industry, which has given me a comprehensive understanding of financial operators. Regulation in the financial field is rapidly increasing and changing all the time, which forces us to be extra sharp and up to date with the latest legislation.  All in all, this work combines perfectly my studies and interests. This has been everything I wanted and much more.


Tiina Piitulainen

Associate, Audit & Assurance

Master of Economics, 2015
P.S. The application period for our Trainee program is open until October 2nd. For more info and applications, check