Company of the Week: HEKO – Thursday

CASE: Starting your own company with help from Ekonomit

HEKO and Suomen Ekonomit (the Finnish Business School Graduates) offer us a wonderful community with amazing contacts and awesome activities. But there are also many services that come with the membership. For me the quality of these services came clear when I started a company earlier this year.

When you begin a business and you’re not the only shareholder, you need to agree on many terms. This usually means that you need to compose a shareholder’s agreement (SHA). SHA is always good to have, but it’s super important (and usually required) if you have an external investor. I had started few companies before, and earlier we felt that our own SHAs were ok, but this was the first company launch with an investor, so we wanted to be extra careful with our SHA.

First we tried to find a friend from the law school, but all the candidates were either super busy or incompetent. Luckily I realized that I have these cool super powers: I’m a member of Suomen Ekonomit!

I sent our SHA draft to Riku Salokannel and he called me the next day and we went through every detail on the contract. He also informed me that Ekonomit has actually made a SHA guide book that I immediately downloaded. As a result, we got a very good SHA.

Again last week we needed guidance when we managed to finalize a funding round for another startup of which I also own a small portion. I went through the same ritual: I sent our SHA and my job contract to Riku, he called me the next day and we went through all the details on the contracts.

And this is only one example of all the services Suomen Ekonomit and HEKO are offering us. There are career services, CV-clinics, webinars, cool events, HEKO’s clubs and a lot more. No matter how big a cliché it is: There is something for everyone – if you happen to be a member.


Markus Hav

Student contact person   |  Finnish Business School Graduates