Company of the Week: First days at Accenture

New employees start their Accenture career with two days of orientation. During these days, new
employees will get familiar with Accenture’s organization culture and core values which are client value
creation, one global network, respect for the individual, best people, integrity and stewardship. The
orientation also covers basic practicalities such as IT policies and expense reporting. Furthermore,
employee benefits are introduced to the new joiners. These benefits include for example an extensive
healthcare plan and wellbeing services such as yoga courses and a personal trainer.

The orientation days are also the first glance at the Accenture community. The orientation brings together
all the new employees across the Accenture Finland’s organization. Thus, it is a great opportunity to get to
know people with different backgrounds and at the same learn about Accenture’s different businesses.
New employees will also hear about Accenture’s different sport and leisure clubs such as an ice hockey club
and a beer club.

A buddy is assigned to each new employee. If a new employee cannot find an answer to a question, the
new employee can always contact his/her buddy. A buddy is another employee from the same business
area as the new employee and thus, can help the new employee also with more business or task specific

After the two days of orientation, if not assigned to a project right away, new employees have a great
opportunity to explore internal training opportunities and attend to courses. The training opportunities
vary from self-study materials to online courses with attendees from all over the globe and conferences
held abroad. The training resources do not only help the new employees to prepare themselves to their
first project, but also help the employees to build their professional expertise throughout their career.
Starting at Accenture is smooth and easy thanks to the orientation days, buddy system and open

If you want to experience what is it like to start at Accenture, check out the open positions at


Otso Olander
Technology Consulting Analyst, Financial Services
M.Sc. (Finance), Aalto University School of Business