Company of the Week: EY – Why Consulting Was the Right Choice for Me

Hey there, my name is Emmy Simons! I am a consultant at EY, working in our Climate Change and Sustainability Services team. I have worked at EY for ten months now after my graduation from Hanken, Svenska Handelshögskolan, with a major in marketing and a minor in corporate social responsibility.

When the graduation day loomed closer, I felt a bit lost with what I wanted to do next, as did many others. I knew I wanted to work with sustainability, but the setting of how and where, was still a bit unclear. The idea of consulting actually came to me when I attended a recruitment event at Hanken. I had a preconception of what this work would entail and based on that, I decided to pursue a position at EY.

Before my interviews I prepared my answers for the questions: “Why consulting, why a Big 4 company and why EY?” which I’ll now share with you.

Why consulting – As a consultant I would get to work with different projects, all types of clients and varying types of tasks, which would allow me to learn fast and gain the skillset I needed to advance on my career.

Why a Big 4 company – I had the preconception that the Big 4 companies are at the top of their game, as they work with the most interesting clients; they are the place where innovation and knowledge thrive. Working in a Big 4 company would mean working in an international environment surrounded by top talents and therefore I saw myself learning from my colleagues and enjoying a motivated (and motivating) work environment.

Why EY – Already in university I had a really good image of EY as an employer. I had a few friends working at EY and I had met their representatives at recruitment events, so I had a feeling that the company had a friendly working environment, which was important to me – it’s all about the people.

Ten months later I still remember my pre-rehearsed answers. Even though these were high fly ideas about what working in my current position could entail, I would say I came close to the truth.

What I do daily is a mix of project work, sales activities and internal business development. Dealing with different projects, clients and tasks, I’m learning something basically every day. Through our internal networks, I am able to draw knowledge from my sustainability colleagues all over the world. Nowhere before have I been surrounded by people so motivated in what they do than the ones working in this field who strive to improve themselves and others, to learn continuously and to advance their careers.

I am now happy to say that I am learning something new all the time, working with professional, motivated and enthusiastic people, taking part in complex and fascinating projects and engaging with clients from various industries.

If this sounds like anything you might be interested in, I would definitely recommend pursuing a career as a consultant!


Emmy Simons

Consultant, Climate Change and Sustainability Services

M.Sc. (marketing), Hanken, 2016.