Company of the Week: EY – The Human Touch for Transaction Field

I started my career at EY four months ago, right after all students’ favorite celebration of the year: Vappu. This year Vappu meant something special for me since I had handed in my Master’s Thesis just a day before and hence it was my last official day as a student. When I entered the EY house at Töölönlahti the first time as an analyst in Transaction Advisory Services (familiarly referred to as “´TAS”), I was warmly welcomed by my buddy. In TAS every new employee has a buddy, who introduces them to EY and, more importantly, to their new colleagues during the first days. I have now the privilege to be a buddy myself to our new trainees.

TAS is one of the service lines in EY and it is further divided into sub-service lines. My sub-service line, transaction support, may not tell you much if you are not familiar with M&A field but to put it briefly, we prepare financial due diligence on the target company and try to identify all potential risks prior to the transaction. The work may sound number-orientated and as an analyst numbers truly are one of the key sources for our analysis. However, there is much more to the work than that – an aspect that truly surprised me positively is that every project includes human touch both inside and outside EY. Projects are mostly done in teams, excluding minor assignments, which may be prepared individually.

Currently I’m working in a project team that consists of four team members, three of whom represent different experience levels and one director. We have conquered one project room from the EY house for us, since M&A assignments are confidential and hence behind closed doors we are better able to discuss about the case. In addition to team work, during the project we are also frequently in contact with the client. So far I have conducted interviews via Skype but next week I’ll have my first face-to-face management interview. Unlike commonly assumed, major contributors to our work and project success are team work and human relationships.

EY operates strongly inside the Nordics and has a Nordic level organization. We are encouraged to network globally and it is important for our future career development to have connections across borders. Couple of weeks ago we had an introduction week for all new Nordic analysts in Toledo, Spain. Together we were 44 new TAS members. During the week we became a close group with a slogan of “One TAS”. What is even more exciting is that in two weeks’ time we’ll meet again in Spain, as every autumn EY TAS has its own Nordic level Kick-off abroad where all TAS employees from analyst to partner attend. I can say I am really looking forward the Kick-off, not only because of the Finnish fall with all the raining but most of all because of learning more about M&A field in interesting training sessions as well as making connections and good time with my awesome colleagues!


Katriina Kirjalainen

Analyst, Transaction Support

M.Sc. (Accounting), Aalto University School of Business, 2017