Company of the Week: EY – A Day in the Shoes of Finance and Performance Manager

I have worked at EY Advisory Services since April 2013. Currently I’m a Manager in Finance and Performance management team. My decision to focus on finance consulting as a career path developed gradually over time. During my finance studies at Aalto University I worked part time in an asset management company as an analyst and had the opportunity to hear many investor presentations of Finnish listed companies. As an investor’s representative I felt I was only able to see polished picture of the companies, and I got curious to see what really happens inside them – Thus I made my next career move to a consulting company and was able to work on different development projects at various clients.

Soon I ended up realizing that finance-related development projects were my cup of tea and decided to apply for EY. To give you further background, my team focuses on consulting related to topics on the CFO agenda and improving companies’ Finance functions through e.g. operating model and process development, finance systems development or topics related to finance organization efficiency, just to name a few. What makes this work especially interesting is the continuous and rapid development – for example when I started there was not that much hype around robotics process automation but now it is one of the most important topics on CFOs’ development roadmaps.

This Tuesday my working day started with spontaneously meeting new colleagues at the office while having morning coffee. Newly hired consultants had their first day at the office on Monday after completing their almost two-week training in Sweden and Spain. At ten o’clock I led a kick-off meeting of a new client project where we agreed on detailed project plan and approach, structure of the final report and project practicalities. After that we rolled up the sleeves and started working on scheduling project meetings and planning for interviews and data requests. Before lunch I also met international colleagues who had arrived to our office to work on a client project – in larger projects we typically have also colleagues outside the Nordics in our project team to provide deep expertise on certain areas and we frequently also contribute with our expertise in international projects.

At noon it was time for a well-deserved lunch with colleagues from our Cybersecurity Advisory team. Discussion topics vary all the way from last weekend’s visit to a harness racing track to the Helsinki housing market trends. In the afternoon I continued working on the client project topics with EY team members. Later during week we relocated ourselves to the client site to be able to flexibly participate in project meetings. However, we always aim to have at least one day in a week at EY House to be able to meet colleagues outside our project team.

After the working day I head to a quick dinner in the city center followed by a live basketball game – what a great way to unwind.


Jari Loisa

Manager, Advisory

M.Sc. (finance) from Aalto University School of Business, 2013