Company of the Week: Day as a management consultant at Accenture

This Friday I unexceptionally head for the Accenture office in Ruoholahti. Usually I spend my days at the project location but since I’m conducting one recruiting interview in the afternoon it´s easier to spend the whole day in the same location.

The morning starts smoothly in two different project status meetings.  I´m working as a Change manager in a large scale IT transformation program and currently we are assessing our program´s change impact to customers, products, processes, systems, people and culture. These status meetings are valuable for my team because of the opportunity to cover all open matters and issues with our Programme manager. She is also keen to hear about our progress.

Right after the status meetings I take the next call where we plan our team workshop that is held next week. We need to prepare a 1,5hrs slot about “business change & communication”. We start by defining the objectives – what results do we want to achieve – and come up with a list of topics that still requires some prioritization. After deciding on the agenda we brainstorm some engaging activities for our team – this is going to be exciting!

Then it´s time to focus on the upcoming recruiting interview. I´m responsible of my unit´s recruiting which mostly consists of coordinating our recruiting efforts and reporting of the recruiting pipeline. This time the candidate is an experienced professional so I´ll prepare the questions according to that. After finishing with this task, I head for a lunch with a friend from my previous project assignment.

The interview goes well and I really enjoy discussing with this experienced candidate. I finish my notes and head for a coffee break with my new counselee. She has started in my unit in September and I´m her career counselor. I´m excited about my new role and this time we discuss her training curriculum.

After the break I join an online meeting with my fellow Change manager from the client organization. We decide to prepare material about business transformation to educate our key project people. Our project is quite IT-focused and we aim to shift the focus more on business and the benefits we wish to achieve by implementing the IT solution. This change in the mindset takes time but we believe that we´ll make a difference by taking small steps and reaching for the “low-hanging fruits”. After browsing through some existing materials I shut down my laptop and head for the afterwork beer&burger with my ex-colleague. It´s dark and rainy, but feels good to start the weekend!

Have a great day!


Maria Korpela

Management Consultant

Accenture Consulting