Company of the Week: Accenture – How I became a consultant and why I enjoy it

Hey there!

I’m Sara Reponen and work as a consultant at Accenture’s Health & Public Service unit, supporting Finnish
public sector organizations with their digital transformation. I have worked at Accenture for about 3.5 years
and had the opportunity to work in various roles within the company.

I started my career at Accenture as a summer intern in the Nordic Sales Effectiveness Team. The team is
responsible for supporting large sales proposal development projects across Accenture and therefore
provided an excellent vantage point for learning what the different Accenture businesses are doing and
how a consulting company is operated. In the job, I was instantly given a lot of responsibility – as much as I
was ready to take – which enabled a steep learning curve. Indeed, at the end of the summer, I was already
responsible for my own sales projects and training a new joiner in the team.

After my first summer at Accenture, I left for my Bachelor’s exchange to Hong Kong. Luckily, I didn’t have to
leave empty-handed, since I was offered a position in the same team upon my return. So, after a 6-month
adventure in Asia, I returned to work full of energy, excited about the new projects ahead. Quite quickly I
was assigned to a team that was working on one of our most strategically critical sales deal during the fiscal
year. Although I was the only junior team member, I was given the bid manager role, which meant that my
task was to make sure that we have all the required pieces in place for submitting a high-quality proposal.
What was great about the role was that I was not only able to learn a lot, but also the fact that I was able to
do it part-time along my Master’s studies. Indeed, Accenture is very flexible in different life phases, and
individual needs and interests are strongly supported.

After 1.5 years in the sales team, I got the opportunity to try my wings in consulting. I joined the
management consulting team in our Health & Public Service unit, where I’m also currently working as an
Analyst. Since January, I’ve been working in a digital transformation project of a Finnish government
agency, designing their digital customer service platform. My tasks include workshop facilitation, data
collection and analysis as well as process and wireframe design among other things. What I enjoy most
about working as a consultant is both the impact we can make to our clients, and the fact that I get to
learn something new every day. Moreover, it’s amazing to see how the work we do helps our clients serve
their customers better, makes the everyday life of their employees easier and allows them to focus on the
things that bring the most value.

At the same time, I get to continuously develop myself further, thanks to the endless learning and growth
opportunities Accenture has to offer. Furthermore, the benefit of working in such a big and versatile
company is that you can truly build your own career within the organization based on your own needs and

So, if you are looking for a challenging yet versatile career where you can make an impact, I recommend
becoming a consultant!


Sara Reponen
Management Consulting Analyst, Health & Public Service
M.Sc. (Strategy), Aalto University School of Business