Company of the Week: Accenture – How a summer job made me to become a Technology Advisor

My name is Anne Leikas and I am based at Accenture Helsinki office. I have worked at Accenture since my
graduation from Helsinki School of Economics in June 2000. Currently I am a Senior Manager and Head of
Technology Consulting & Advisory in Resources Finland industry unit.

During my studies at Helsinki School of Economics I focused on international business and logistics. I also
took advantage of the possibility to take MBA program courses, which gave me the opportunity to work in
truly international and diverse teams. Working with people with various cultural backgrounds has always
inspired me.

I prepared my Master’s Thesis for ABB Industry Oy, where I had already worked in summer and part-time
jobs, as a sales assistant. ABB summer job interview, with an afterthought, was one of the life-changing
events. I was asked to join ABB’s SAP program, which was aiming to replace ABB’s old enterprise resource
planning system with SAP. From that day onwards, SAP and other enterprise planning and business critical
IT systems have been large part of my professional life.

During my career at Accenture I have always worked in the intersection of business and IT, in multiple
transformational IT programs, in many kinds of roles. Since 2006 I have been leading complex IT projects
and programs, ranging from strategic analysis and roadmapping to IT system implementations. In order to
be able to work in technology advisory it is essential to keep up-to- date with the latest technology trends
and developments. Now, I am fascinated and learning about design thinking, Artificial Intelligence and
Robotics Process Automation.

My working days often consist of meetings with my expert teams to go through status of work or discuss
and resolve complicated matters, as well as meeting or working sessions our existing and new clients on
ongoing or new projects. One of my largest challenges is to reserve working time for preparations, planning
and thinking. Sometimes I go jogging during my remote working days and things get resolved more easily in
the fresh air. My days at Accenture are filled with variety, challenges, continuous learning and action. Also, I
am privileged to work with fantastic colleagues in a variety of successful international companies.

This year I joined Aalto Mentoring program as a mentor. Based on the first discussions with my mentee, I
really enjoy the experience and feel the mutual trust that we are beginning to develop. Being a mentor also
is a great way to meet new young people and understand their perspectives on work and life. This is one of
the best ways to stay fresh in mind!


Anne Leikas
Senior Manager, Resources Industry Unit
M.Sc. (International Business) Helsinki School of Economics, 2000