Communications is the key

This is a story of one day in PR & Press Officer’s life:

8.59: Arriving at Espilä in a terrible rush since the KY Office’s, KYSTO’s, weekly meeting starts at 9.00 and there is a sanction for being late.

9.00: At the meeting like a total pro and totally in time to make notes that I will send to the whole KYSTO after the meeting.

9.35: The meeting is over and it’s time for another weekly meeting, this time one with my Service Secretary colleagues, Iiris and Nora, and our Administrative Manager, Sartsa. In the meeting we go through some acute issues regarding our premises, different kinds of member service issues and of course do some exchange of thoughts of this week’s events.

10.30: Sending out the notes from the weekly meeting and checking my email. Some requests for Monday Mail that I put in my Monday Mail file to be handled later this week when I start to gather next week’s Monday Mail.

10.40: Maria, my partner from the board with whom I work with the Masters’ Club, pops in to ask some questions regarding our upcoming MC event. We decide on some technicalities and Maria returns to her desk at the other open office.

10.55: Annukka, our Art Director, pops in to our open office to ask if we have any lunch plans. We don’t (we hardly ever do), so we make them as we speak. We decide to go to TUAS (as we often do) and agree to ask others to join us at 11.45.

11.00: I decide to use my time before the lunch proofreading some texts. I go to the silent room to focus. Our open office is a lovely place with five coworkers and many volunteers popping by during the day, but it is not the best place to do work that requires a lot of concentration.

12.00: We leave for lunch, 15 minutes later than what we agreed on, after everyone has finished “the one little thing” they had to do before leaving. We discuss how it’s going to be hard to find a table for seven people.

12.03: TUAS is overcrowded and we discuss how we should try to leave earlier to avoid the rush-time (knowing quite well that we probably won’t).

12.40: We have an ad-hoc meeting with Pyry, my partner from the board with whom I run KY’s communications. We discuss on some updating schedules in our social media channels and decide on our division of work regarding them. We update the things also to our comms master plan which is our main tool to keeping track on what is happening, when and where.

13.00: My shift in the member service starts and I open the service mail. We discuss with Iiris and Nora how amazing songs we have in our common Open Office Spotify list.

14.30: Today has been quite quiet member service day so I’ve done some of my backlog. Now one of our members arrives to pick up keys for their reservation at Saha later this week.

15.05: Group of our members come by to try out some KY Sweatshirts and I go help them to find the right sizes.

15.55: Our Sales Coordinator Rasmus pops in by my desk to ask me some questions regarding our partner company’s social media update.

16.30: I’ve been working on a post alongside with other work this afternoon and now I post it on Instagram. I check also if we’ve received private messages at Instagram – none this time.

17.00: Member service closes so I close my open tabs, shut down the computer and head home.


This is one example of my normal day. The length of my work days varies from couple of hours to over eight hours depending on the day. The best thing is, that I have a lot to say to my working hours and I’ve had the chance to arrange them for example to fit my school schedules so that I have been able to study simultaneously.

A big part of my work is to manage our social media channels and to take care of KY’s communications together with Pyry.

Pyry Päivärinta – Communications, Brand, Digital KY: We pretty much have the same job description with the PR and Press Officer. I just sit at more meetings and Nina writes Monday Mail. When I started, we discussed how we divide the jobs, which is super important in order to get everything done without confusions. We also sit next to each other, so we joke around and discuss different topics (music) a lot. It makes the days go much faster when you work with your friends.

Also, working with Masters’ Club together with Maria is an important part of my job.

Maria Aalto – Educational Affairs, Master’s Students: It has been a pleasure to work with Nina for the past few months. Together, we are leading our committee, Masters’ Club, and running daily operations. Nina coordinates the budget of Masters’ Club, but also helps to organize our events. We have a weekly lunch together where we discuss current things regarding Masters’ Club and many other things as well. Also, Nina’s consulting corner is one of the best things in our office because this communication wizard is always happy to help and has a solution for the problems.

I’m also one of the three employees doing member service, which takes up some of my working hours. In addition, a lot of my time goes to ad-hoc comms counseling whether it is about proofreading something, helping someone with social media accounts or giving an opinion on some comms issue. That’s one of the reasons why I love my job: not a day goes by when I don’t feel like I’m doing something valuable for others. Another – an biggest – reason is the people. KY is filled with passionate, capable and ambitious people who are ready give their all to their work, whether it is paid for or not. That inspires and provides unforgettable moments at the office and outside it.

Finally, I know many people have the belief that you have to have a subcommittee and/or committee background in order to be able to work at KY. Having never been in a subcommittee or committee before my KYSTO year, I can guarantee that the experience needed for surviving at KYSTO can be obtained otherwise too. I feel that I’ve been able to provide different perspectives to many discussions thanks to my divergent background. KY can be near and dear to you, and you can have a lot to offer no matter what your background is. That is why I hope to see KY members from different backgrounds applying this year in order to have as divergent KYSTO as our members are.


Nina Pitkänen

PR & Press Officer (in 2019-2020 the same position will be Communications Coordinator), 040 353 8279


The application period for KY employees 2019-20 is open 2.-16.4.2019. Read more here and apply!