Cancellation of Mursujaiset

Due to the swift changes in the circumstances surrounding Mursujaiset, we have decided to cancel the event. We understand that this announcement comes at a very short notice, but we take responsibility for following the situation and reacting accordingly.

The spike in the Covid-19 cases in Finland during the past few days has led us to discuss organizing this event both internally as well as with Aalto University and Finnish health and welfare officials. As a conclusion, we have decided to cancel the event. Our utmost priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of our members and we feel that cancelling the event is the best option under these circumstances.


We’d like to thank everyone for their contributions towards Mursujaiset. Special thank you to the tutors, Kulttuurijaosto and everybody else involved for giving Mursujaiset your time and effort. We are looking into options to organize the event in the future.


In the light of the new changes, we will review our safety instructions as well as how this will affect the upcoming events organized by KY and its associations. We will inform you about these new instructions as soon as possible.