Can a kangaroo jump higher than the KY Building? Aura and Antti’s year in the KY Foundation board

Thankfully this was not a question in the panel section where the new members for the KY Foundation board were elected. But let’s get in to the point now.

KY Foundation board has 12 members and the split is 50/50 between students and advisory members. Student members have usually two-year spells in the board. But what is the role of a student board member at KY Foundation where the board is filled with extreme professionals and daily actions are ran by a managing director? It is quite simple; to be what we are, students. We bring the voice of students to the decision making. And at the same time we gain enormous amount of knowledge from the professionals in the board.

Antti in the KY Foundation

I applied for the board of KY Foundation during my third study-year, roughly a year ago. My main motives were to learn and to give back. I also wanted to still be in the mix of real estate projects at KY because I had gained experience from those. Thus, I have been a part of the Real Estate Committee of the foundation. In the committee we go through the RE projects that we have going on. Especially this year, the focus has been on the KY Building project. It has been extremely rewarding to learn how the investment projects as big as this are handled. The year in RE committee depends a lot about the ongoing projects, but you can be sure that always something intriguing and educational is going on. I have also been the vice chair of the Subsidies committee but Aura will tell more about it in her part.

Aura in the KY Foundation

Last year around this time my previous partner in crime from the KY Office, Roope Paju contacted me and asked if I would be interested in applying to the KY Foundation. The truth was I had been interested already for several years, ever since hearing about the Foundation for the first time during my own memorable mursuautumn in 2016. For me, the Foundation has always represented something truly unique, it is a supportive backbone for the whole KY community and truly the preserver and enabler of our student culture.

During my first year I’ve had the honor to act as the Chair of the KY Foundation’s Subsidies Committee and a member of the Investment Committee. The Subsidies Committee distributes subsidies and grants to associations that promote the social, professional, intellectual, as well as study and student life related aims within the Aalto School of Business in addition to supporting the KY traditions. The biggest work stream in the Subsidies Committee is during springtime, when all KY’s registered associations apply for their yearly funding. In addition, we distribute project funding throughout the year for different purposes. As the name implies, Investment Committee is responsible for maintaining the KY Foundation’s wealth and to preserve it for the generations to come. The main investment suggestions are generally made by our highly devoted experts since they have the best knowledge by far, but I have been genuinely surprised how well we student members have been involved during the year.

Both my committees have been highly affected by the covid-19 this year, which has meant more work but such invaluable experience. This year we have faced projects and challenges like never before and to be honest I have felt exhausted at times, but I’ve learned so much in the process and experienced things I could have ever imagined. The best thing has been sharing this year with such brilliant minds and good friends, with people who have made me laugh out loud even alone at home after a three-hour-long remote meeting. Working for the Foundation has definitely been the crown jewel of my KY path, and as a soon-to-be nth year student, I’m happy and proud to say – one more year.

If you are considering about applying, be like Nike, just do it. The board has always had students from several different backgrounds and the most important thing is the motivation, not the experience from investing or real estate projects. One thing is certain in the KY Foundation Board and it is called champagne  learning.

And by the way, of course kangaroos jump higher than the KY Building. Have you ever seen KY Building jumping?

– Aura and Antti

This year the KY Foundation is looking for student members for the term 2021-2022 as well as a chairperson to lead the work of the board in 2021. Apply now, instructions here.