But I ain’t finished, I’m devoted

During my time at KY I have done many cool things and experienced huge disappointments as well. This time applying for the board indeed was a “now or never” kind of thing for me. I applied for the board two years ago, when the negative answer almost made me lose my spark for the KY activities. I knew this time there would not be a possibility to apply again or find some other occupation. I was about to find out whether my time at KY would end or have its final frontier.

I am Riikka, a 4th year student, an explorer and a dreamer. Things that I love include (but are not limited to) puppies, ice cream, sushi, foreign grocery stores, Kanye West quotes and the atmosphere at the airports. I am writing this blog as a freshly chosen member of the board responsible for communications, brand, international affairs and Aalto Annex.

Currently I am traveling around Asia after my exchange semester in Paris. Although leaving the +30 Celsius sunny weather and returning to cold dark Finland will definitely be a shock, I could not really come up with a better reason to come back. I am full of ideas, and hopefully loaded up with vitamin C after this trip. For me working at KY will be all about fulfilling our members’ hopes and building more inclusive community. My aspiration is to offer interesting and inspirational content but also possibilities to interact with KY and everything this association is all about.

I already know that this year will be extremely busy, probably one of the most eventful years ever in my life. I still hope that I could be available for your ideas and be an approachable person. I encourage you to point out where is a room for development. It is up to you, KY members, how KY will look like in 2017.

Riikka Nieminen

Member of the board

Communications, brand, Annex Aalto, international affairs