Boston Promenade

Boston Promenade is KY’s own big band which has been rocking the socks out of business students since 1964.

The band can be heard playing annually at the Mursu Party, Boston Night, Annual Ball and PreManta. In addition to this, the band performs regularly in public and private parties. Boston is a band that is born global, hence touring regularly all around the world. Latest countries visited include e.g. Thailand, Panama and Nicaragua.

Boston Promenade isn’t a regular big band, as it doesn’t limit itself to traditional big band classics – also Backstreet Boys, Psy or even Van Halen are performed by the band. The band operates mainly in Finnish, but the most important language to speak is music. So if you know how to play, are ready for some serious fun and can commit to this band for at least a couple of years, the current members would love to hear more from you!

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