PwC Career Story – Teemu Kukkola

Teemu Kukkola, Consulting


This story is probably not the most traditional one when it comes to being a consultant. Let me share with you a short story about how I became a consultant.

I never was into studying back in grammar school or in high school. I really didn’t excel in math or in any other subject either. English had always felt easy but I didn’t have the ambition back then to push myself to the limits. I just did minimum effort to pass. Back then I was proud to say that I earned three L’s from the high school: Lukematta Lukio Läpi. It took me over ten years to realise that there’s nothing to brag about in that.

After high school I ended up serving drinks in bars for over ten years before one day I realized that something needs to change. I don’t want to be working nights for the rest of my life. After high school I had applied to university but back then I had no idea what it really meant to apply there. Especially when I had not spent time with books during my studies. So, it was about time to dig up my old entrance exam books and see what studying was like. I registered for a couple of Open University courses and seven years later I held the M.Sc. diploma in my hands.

During my studies, even on my older days (I was 28 when I started in Uni), I decided to take the most out of my time as a student. I was a so-called “student active” and even spent a year on the board of KY. It gave me an opportunity to learn to know people with different backgrounds and it also gave me an opportunity to learn to lead volunteers. Despite that I already had experience of working in a supervisory position, working with volunteers gave me so much more perspective. During my first years it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when it came to studies. I actually struggled a lot. It was only then when I realized I needed to start putting some effort to be able to perform with my studies.

I had already thought that consulting would be interesting to try but to get there a lot of work needed to be done. First thing was to step up with my grades. I needed to get past the first gatekeeper as I didn’t have relevant experience. So training my “sitting muscles” was the first thing. At the same time I gained experience from B2B sales while working as an Account Manager at aTalent Recruiting. As a consultant you need to be able to sell your ideas to others. But in addition to that time as an Account Manager taught me to adapt to situations that you cannot prepare yourself in advance. As you don’t always have answers to all the questions from the clients the second thing to learn was the art of saying “you know, I don’t have an answer right now but let me get back to this after I’ve talked with my colleagues.” It has proven to be priceless. Besides, I got positive feedback about this skill when I was applying to PwC as a consulting trainee when the interviewers were testing how much pressure I can take. If you are unable to handle the pressure you easily end up answering the first thing that pops to your head without thinking whether it is reasonable or not. That often may drop you from the process.

The third thing was to practice the case interviews. As I had practised a ‘real life’ case with my friend I was more confident in the actual interview situation.

I’ve now been working for almost two years in the Consulting team at PwC. What I’ve learned is that you never know where you will find yourself at the end of the day. The variety of the projects is huge and every day you will need to be able to provide your ‘a game’. Pushing yourself to the limits is something that drives me. At the moment I really enjoy what I do as I have the opportunity to learn new things every day but also get the chance to work with awesome colleagues. 


PwC Career Story – Niko Nalli

Niko Nalli, Deals, EDGE



Hi all! My name is Niko Nalli and I work as a manager in PwC’s Corporate Finance team. I moved to
Helsinki in 2015 while I pursued my Master’s degree in Aalto. During my studies I was working at ABB
doing various kinds of financial analysis related tasks while I also finished my thesis there. I graduated
in 2017 at the same time as I was getting started with my career at PwC.


PwC career

As my graduation was getting closer, I did not really know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I had
always been interested in management consulting and investment banking as I thought that those
paths could provide a steep learning curve and a quick kickstart for my professional career. After
discussing with my friends who were already working in the industry, I found out that PwC was
planning to launch the EDGE program in 2017. Rotating in multiple M&A teams sounded like a spot-
on opportunity for me and I decided to apply.

I get often asked about my experience in the program and my answer is always pretty much the
same. I had high expectations to learn a lot, but the learning curve has really exceeded those
expectations. I started my rotations in financial due diligence and after the first 6 months I had already
covered engagements including everything from private equity to public takeovers, from industrial
manufacturing and software development to healthcare and telecommunications as well as from
companies with 5 million in revenue to over 2 billion.

In my next rotation I got to combine my financial analysis skills with storytelling in order to create
attractive equity stories to close my first transactions as a lead adviser in the Corporate Finance team.
In these engagements I got experience to run and coordinate a global auction process with multiple
stakeholders including international buyers and internal teams to provide due diligence and legal
services for our clients. After these transactions were signed, the next Monday I rotated to our
integration and strategy teams to support a stock listed company in a post-merger integration while
we simultaneously created a new group strategy for the client.

As the strategy and integration work was complete, so was the program for me and I joined the
Corporate Finance team. Even though the program ended, learning new things did not – I am
currently using part of my time in our financing strategy and debt advisory projects.

To whom would I recommend PwC?

I recommend PwC and EDGE for people who have curiosity to learn new things and ambition to solve
the toughest problems. PwC and EDGE provide a structured platform to learn best practices in
multiple teams and through the program you can turn your weaknesses into strengths as you rotate in
teams and engagements that are out of your comfort zone. For me, taking the key learning points
from those projects has been in a key role to drive success in everything else. It will not be easy and
sometimes it can be tough, but that is why clients value what we do – we solve our clients’ most
important problems and make the most meaningful things happen, with the right mentality.


PwC Career Story – Jussi Inovaara

Jussi Inovaara, Deals, EDGE



My name is Jussi Inovaara and I work as a Senior Associate at PwC Corporate Finance in Finland. Prior
to Deals advisory at PwC, I worked at Nordea Markets and in a financial controlling function at Daimler in
Stuttgart. I have studied finance, accounting and economics at Turku School of Economics, and in the
University of Graz.

PwC career

My PwC career began in 2018 when I joined the EDGE program. I wanted to learn about M&A and deal
making and did my homework on the different alternatives in Helsinki. PwC’s EDGE and the Deals
practice seemed like the most appealing choice in town overall. After more than two years with PwC, I still
feel the same way. The most important aspects for me in my work are being able to contribute to clients,
developing my analytical thinking and enjoying teamwork and time spent with great colleagues in a
dynamic environment.

EDGE program consists of rotations in different Deals teams. When first joining I started in the Corporate
Finance team, working on M&A proposals and sell-side engagements for a large utilities company and a
family-owned company. I also worked on valuation and financial modelling engagements for fund
management companies. Transferring to Financial Due Diligence, I advised private equity clients in both
sell-side and buy-side due diligence projects. I have also worked on real estate due diligence projects,
and supported the Deals Strategy team with industry and market analysis. Currently, I have landed in my
home team, Corporate Finance, to support companies and PE investors in strategic decisions related to
ownership and corporate transactions.

The best part of EDGE has been learning about the different angles and roles related to an M&A
transaction (buy-side, sell-side, lead advisor, due diligence etc.). The technical skill set required including
financial modelling, interpreting company financial statements, and data analysis provides a deep
learning curve, while exposure to client meetings and live presentations is invaluable for long-term career

While travelling is on hold for now, I have been lucky to meet plenty of global PwC colleagues at trainings
and seminars. My EDGE journey was kicked off in Madrid, where we spent one week getting to know
other participants from Europe, Middle East and Africa, discussing cultural aspects of cross-border deals,
and PwC’s way of working.

To whom would I recommend PwC?

The firm is a great place to start your career, if you are eager to understand businesses and how they are
operated, and want to get to know different industry sectors. PwC is full of like-minded and talented young
professionals who enjoy working together. I would encourage applying regardless of your university major
or specific technical capabilities – the will to learn is key.


The Executive Board of KY, Chair and Vice Chair for the Representative Council for 2021 have been chosen!

KY’s Representative Council has chosen the new Executive Board of KY, Chair and the Vice Chair for the Representative Council for the year 2021.

Congratulations to everyone!


KY Executive Board

Chair: Niko Ylä-Poikelus
Vice Chair: Elina Rauvala
Jesse Haapanen
Aleksi Huhtamäki
Mia Lundström
Kiti Kainulainen
Helmi Nuortimo
Tuomas Takanen


Chair and Vice Chair of KY Representative Council

Chair: Arttu Lääkkölä
Vice Chair: Kim Jokinen

Can a kangaroo jump higher than the KY Building? Aura and Antti’s year in the KY Foundation board

Thankfully this was not a question in the panel section where the new members for the KY Foundation board were elected. But let’s get in to the point now.

KY Foundation board has 12 members and the split is 50/50 between students and advisory members. Student members have usually two-year spells in the board. But what is the role of a student board member at KY Foundation where the board is filled with extreme professionals and daily actions are ran by a managing director? It is quite simple; to be what we are, students. We bring the voice of students to the decision making. And at the same time we gain enormous amount of knowledge from the professionals in the board.

Antti in the KY Foundation

I applied for the board of KY Foundation during my third study-year, roughly a year ago. My main motives were to learn and to give back. I also wanted to still be in the mix of real estate projects at KY because I had gained experience from those. Thus, I have been a part of the Real Estate Committee of the foundation. In the committee we go through the RE projects that we have going on. Especially this year, the focus has been on the KY Building project. It has been extremely rewarding to learn how the investment projects as big as this are handled. The year in RE committee depends a lot about the ongoing projects, but you can be sure that always something intriguing and educational is going on. I have also been the vice chair of the Subsidies committee but Aura will tell more about it in her part.

Aura in the KY Foundation

Last year around this time my previous partner in crime from the KY Office, Roope Paju contacted me and asked if I would be interested in applying to the KY Foundation. The truth was I had been interested already for several years, ever since hearing about the Foundation for the first time during my own memorable mursuautumn in 2016. For me, the Foundation has always represented something truly unique, it is a supportive backbone for the whole KY community and truly the preserver and enabler of our student culture.

During my first year I’ve had the honor to act as the Chair of the KY Foundation’s Subsidies Committee and a member of the Investment Committee. The Subsidies Committee distributes subsidies and grants to associations that promote the social, professional, intellectual, as well as study and student life related aims within the Aalto School of Business in addition to supporting the KY traditions. The biggest work stream in the Subsidies Committee is during springtime, when all KY’s registered associations apply for their yearly funding. In addition, we distribute project funding throughout the year for different purposes. As the name implies, Investment Committee is responsible for maintaining the KY Foundation’s wealth and to preserve it for the generations to come. The main investment suggestions are generally made by our highly devoted experts since they have the best knowledge by far, but I have been genuinely surprised how well we student members have been involved during the year.

Both my committees have been highly affected by the covid-19 this year, which has meant more work but such invaluable experience. This year we have faced projects and challenges like never before and to be honest I have felt exhausted at times, but I’ve learned so much in the process and experienced things I could have ever imagined. The best thing has been sharing this year with such brilliant minds and good friends, with people who have made me laugh out loud even alone at home after a three-hour-long remote meeting. Working for the Foundation has definitely been the crown jewel of my KY path, and as a soon-to-be nth year student, I’m happy and proud to say – one more year.

If you are considering about applying, be like Nike, just do it. The board has always had students from several different backgrounds and the most important thing is the motivation, not the experience from investing or real estate projects. One thing is certain in the KY Foundation Board and it is called champagne  learning.

And by the way, of course kangaroos jump higher than the KY Building. Have you ever seen KY Building jumping?

– Aura and Antti

This year the KY Foundation is looking for student members for the term 2021-2022 as well as a chairperson to lead the work of the board in 2021. Apply now, instructions here.

A year chairing the Board of KY Foundation – Roope’s blog

The purpose of the KY Foundation is to support all sorts of aspirations of the business students of Aalto – we are here to support the KY community and its students by providing operating premises and financial resources for the majority of activities of KY. I will try to tell you who are the people operating inside the Foundation, how do we fulfil our purpose and how has the year chairing the Board of KY Foundation been like.

The highest decision-maker of the foundation is its board consisting currently of 6 student members (including me and Chairperson of the KY Association) and 6 specialist members. The Board is tasked to manage both the financial and real estate assets of the Foundation in a responsible manner and this translates to important discussions and sometimes difficult decisions affecting both the short and long term financials of the Foundation. During my time in the Board the focus has been greatly on the real estate projects and this will most likely be the case in 2021 too.

Even though duties of the Board may sound difficult, the student members are not required to have expert knowledge of real estate development or investment management. The board gains its expertise and experience from its specialist members. The student members are offered a great possibility to learn from these professionals by actively participating in discussions in the meetings of different committees and the Board. In addition, the student members have the best view on the student community and its associations. The student members’ responsibility is to communicate this insight and make sure that the Foundation serves both the current and future student generations of Aalto BIZ as well as possible.

My personal experience of this year has been great. The Chairman works in close co-operation with the Managing Director of the KY Foundation who provides significant support and a sparring partner. The Chairman is also in close contact with the KY Association and attends the meetings of the Supervisory Council of the Foundation. The pandemic hasn’t affected our daily operations heavily, and due to the Board being a relatively small group, we have often been able to organize a possibility to attend the meetings also face-to-face. Naturally, the situation has affected the premises and activities of different associations which we have also had to react to for example in our subsidies process. Additionally, we have had a good time also with more informal gatherings with the student members of the Board. 

I highly encourage you to consider applying for the Board of KY Foundation. For me, the last year as the Chairman has offered a chance to affect the future of KY and learn more about the management and development of our assets. The term in the Board is always different from the previous ones and there is only one way of finding out how it will be for you. Apply.


Roope Paju

Chairman of the Board of the KY Foundation


This year the KY Foundation is looking for student members for the term 2021-2022 as well as a chairperson to lead the work of the board in 2021. Apply now, instructions here. is looking for a Full-stack developer and UX/UI designer!

Fast growing startup is looking for a Full-stack developer and UX/UI designer!

We are looking for few new team members to our web development team. In our small team you will get all the responsibility you can take and we will boost your leaning in to a whole new level. Our online store and all our communications are in Finnish so the position requires fluency in Finnish. We are growing fast so there is no better time to jump onboard! Interested? Reach out to us!

Read more about the positions and apply right away:

*Please note that these positions require fluent Finnish


Suomeksi verkkokauppatiimi kaipaa vahvistusta ja haemme kahta henkilöä: Full-stack developeria ja UX/UI designeria! 


Pääset osaksi pientä ja ketterää 4 hengen verkkokauppatiimiä, jossa kaikki päätökset pyritään tekemään dataan perustuen ja nopea testaaminen on kaiken kehitystyön perusta.   Lisäksi pääset jättämään kädenjälkesi verkkokauppaan, jolla on satoja tuhansia käyttäjiä joka kuukausi ja pääset mukaan rakentamaan kestävän kehityksen kannalta tärkeää liiketoimintaa!


Full-stack developer: 


Haemme verkkokauppatiimiimme full-stack javascript developeria, jolla olisi aikaisempaa kokemusta modernista web kehityksestä. Eduksi katsotaan aikaisempi kokemus seuraavista teknologioista ja työkaluista: Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Typescript, Express.js, SCSS, git, Firebase sekä Google Cloud. Ennen kaikkea arvostamme kykyä ja halua oppia nopeasti uutta ja kehittyä oman alansa huippuosaajaksi.


UX/UI designer: 


Haemme UX/UI designeria joka ottaisi päävastuun Fiksuruoan verkkokaupan käyttäjäkokemuksen kehittämisestä ja uusien ominaisuuksien design-päätöksistä. Vastaat uusien ominaisuuksien suunnittelusta, prototyyppien rakentamisesta, käyttäjäprofiilien tunnistamisesta, verkkokaupan asiakaspalautteen analysoimisesta ja käyttäjätestien tulosten analysoinnista. Pääset suoraan vaikuttamaan siihen millaiseksi Fiksuruoan design- ja tuotekehitysprosessit muotoutuvat.


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Annual Ball Committee has been chosen!

The new Annual Ball Committee has been chosen.

Our team will make sure KY’s 110th Annual Ball celebration is as grand as it can be. Congratulations to everybody!
The following people are chosen to the Annual Ball Committee:

Ina Häkkä (Chairperson)
Asta Friman
Helmi Nuortimo
Ida Nagy
Laura Nikola
Oona Sunnari
Tiiariikka Vihko
Ting Pan
Verna Niva

(Picture by Markus Havia)



Time: TUESDAY 17.11.2020 at 17.00

Place: Espilä, Konemiehentie 4, 02150, Espoo, but please note that THIS MEETING IS HELD REMOTELY




  9. BUDGET 2021, 3rd PROCEEDING


In Espoo 10.11.2020

Anna Halsas
Chairperson of the Representative Council