Best job I ever had

About year ago, when I decided to apply for the (first ever!) Culture Producer at KY, I thought I had good guesses about what the role would be like. Never been so wrong in my life. Working at KY in my position turned out to be way more than I could ever have imagined. I remember asking couple of my predecessors about the job, probably some generic shit about the daily routines etc. Every one of them kept saying the same thing as they tried to describe the job: not a single day would be the same. Back then it sounded a little weird but now that it’s almost over I couldn’t agree more. Hence writing this blog has to be one of the hardest things so far.



The job is all about making sure that the Cultural Sector is up and running and that there’s enough resources for keeping the KY’s culture alive. An important part of the job is cherishing the old traditions while keeping sure that our student culture stays up to date. Days are often very hectic and as I said earlier, not a single day is the same. There’s always a lot on the table and you have to coordinate different events and projects at the same time. Responsibilities include for example organizing Kuntis parties, budgeting and making payments. In addition, a couple of times a week I’m in charge of the member services.


I could tell you something about my usual day at the office but that’s really not the interesting part of the job and not the reason why you should apply. All the daily routines pass in mind quickly once you dive really deep in KY’s culture. Sometimes it means taking a plunge into the cold, but trust me, it’s all worth it. One of the reasons I once applied was that I wanted to learn more and more about KY’s culture. I think it’s safe to say that I have, but not nearly everything. Working with such concept as student culture that is made by our volunteers, KY office, every KY member, you and me, is not something you shouldn’t even try to understand and that’s what makes the job fascinating. All the new and old events, ideas and other ways of making our culture let alone the new faces you meet really make my day. To succeed in the job, you have to be interested about the subject and to really have strong dedication towards KY’s culture.



One of the best things about the job is working with your partner in crime, the Board member responsible for culture. Together with Topi, and previously Kia, we lead the Cultural Committee KUVA. For me this means mainly helping the volunteers in the committee in planning and organizing events and of course, spending a lot of quality time with the committee. The weekly meetings with KUVA volunteers are usually one of the highlights of the week. By the time I leave this job, I’ve spent more than two years in KUVA with three different committees full of amazing people, and I don’t regret a second of it. By far the best time of my life.


“Working with Arttu has been amazing to say the least! I got to know him early on in my academic years, us both being Mursu 16 and better while acting as the Announcer at the Cultural Committee, KUVA’19, while Arttu was starting as the first Culture Producer. An absolute legend of a guy!


Starting as the new Executive Board member responsible for Culture, I was totally lost. Even though having a long list of positions within KY, everything was still so new and different. At that time, Arttu was my rock, my knight in shining armor! Constantly lending a helping hand and welcoming me to the Culture Sector. After the first time sitting down at the “Culture corner” with Arttu, haven’t looked back since. Since then, walking into the Culture corner every morning (before covid-19 of course), made me smile every time. Having a partner like Arttu in work, in life and in crime with whom you can throw around the craziest ideas possible, lead the absolute dreamy KUVA’20 and just having someone to talk about everyday stuff has been the absolute best. Hhemoo sets, that’s all I can say!


With Arttu, leading KUVA’20 have been one of the highlights of my year on the Board of KY, and I would not give up a second of it. Arttu has been the voice of wisdom and rationality every time I’ve gone a bit off the rails. He is and always will be the number one Daddy in our Daddy duo!”


  Topi Ronkainen, KY Board, Culture, New Students, Volunteers



Oh, and one more thing. Not only you get to work with amazing like Topi at the office (thanks for the kind words honey <3), but whole lot of others. During the year, my colleagues have become one of the most important people in my life and I’m sure these friendships will last a lifetime. The atmosphere at the office is something truly unique and I can say that working at KY has been the best job I ever had.


Hopefully you got something out of this. Describing what I do isn’t the easiest thing to do. I think my bro, Jarkko, said it perfectly in his blog: “On the subject of people and since it’s probably become clear as day by now that I have no idea how to adequately describe my job”. Sometimes it’s fine to have no idea what you are doing, after all it’s the people that makes the job for me.


If you have any questions regarding the job or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Arttu Lääkkölä

Culture Producer

044 507 2500