Being part of KY Board is all about people – Sara’s Blog

We have had an amazing year with KY Board 2020. I don’t even know where to begin – I have so many fun and crazy stories to tell. Already from the first House Appro we held with KYH20 in January 2020 I knew this was going to be one of the most unforgettable years of my life.

Being a part of KY Board is all about people. Your main job is to look after KY’s members, volunteers, associations, KY Office and each other. Even though we have had some long meetings and heavy decisions to make, when you are surrounded with your best friends, working in the KY Board is so much fun. This is honestly one of the best lessons I have gotten in my life: Even in the middle of a tough situation it is possible to thrive, if you have the right people around you.

I had a lot of different responsibility areas, but the “basic” board work has taken the most part of my time. This means holding meetings, discussing different  matters regarding KY and making decisions together with the Board and Executive Director Nina. It also means representing KY in different occasions such as Annual Ball’s, University’s Working Groups etc.

As a Communications and Brand responsible, together with the communications sector, I was responsible for everyday communications of the most important things happening at KY and developing our communications and brand even further. Especially this year communications has played a crucial role at KY. How to communicate clearly to KY members about the Covid-19’s effects on the KY community? In addition to working as a part of the KY Board, I think this challenge has developed me the most this year. I have gotten used to working in the middle of hectic situations and finding clarity in the middle of chaos, which will definitely benefit me in my future career.

Best part of my job was that I got to work as a part of an amazing team. My co-worker is KY’s Communications Coordinator Emilia, and in addition, I work closely with KY’s AD Landys and IT Coordinator Joona. I had the best times with the communications sector – it is its own tiny super team inside KY Office. Together we have handled communications regarding Covid-19, developed some amazing projects for KY110 and started to renew our website, while having a bunch of fun. It is a pleasure to work with such skilled, fun and amazing people. I wish I could keep working with them forever!

The coming year will be super exciting from a communications point of view. KY will celebrate its 110th birthday and it is important the celebrations are seen and heard in KY’s communication channels. This year I have founded a KY110 Communications Working Group, which has already started to prepare cool stuff for the coming year, such as a new  KY110 product to add KY’s product portfolio.

After this year the hardest thing for me will definitely be the fact that I’m not able to see all these amazing people every day and just hang out at Espilä.  If you are even a little bit considering applying to KY Board – do it.  It’s a decision you won’t regret, despite what is happening in Finland or across the globe.

Yours truly,
Saramaria Ritala

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