Behind the scenes

Hi there!

I’m KY’s current Communications Coordinator Elina. I’ve been working in this position since August 2019 but soon, my era here is coming to an end and I was wondering if you could be the next me? Now, that I got your attention, I assume you’re even a little bit interested to know what I actually do at the KY Office and maybe you want to know how my normal days are. Well, I start by saying this cliche that there’s no such a thing as normal day when you are working at KY. Of course, I have some daily or weekly routines but in general, my tasks vary a lot and depend on the season we’re living. I will first tell you a little bit more about my tasks and then I will share you some of my best experiences at the KY Office. 



So, how is my normal day or normal week like? I have some daily routines like always checking my email first in the morning but otherwise, I can’t think anything I would do every day. One exception is of course making coffee in Espilä and sipping it with my lovely coworkers while sharing some random stories. On weekly basis, I have more routines like always starting a new week with Monday Mail and Monday Story. They are probably the most visible part of my job to our members in addition to all the Facebook and Instagram posts I write. All KY’s updates in different social media channels go through me or Sara (KY Board member responsible of communications). We either write the posts or if someone else has, we proofread them before posting.


A big part of my job is to work with Sara. We have weekly communications meetings with Sara every Tuesday morning, where we go through our current tasks and plan our bigger projects while eating breakfast. Breakfast meetings are a great concept btw, I can recommend to everyone! We also lead the communications roundtable together with Sara. We do our best at helping our volunteers doing communications and we organize for example workshops, trainings and meetings to support them. 


Here are Sara’s thought about our cooperation. Working with her is one of the best part in this job <3


“I find the good co-operation between Communications Coordinator and the Board member responsible of communications as an important factor. Throughout the spring, me and Elina have been working together very intensively, whether it is about introducing new office members, planning Wappu’s communication or creating the crisis communication plan for the coronavirus’ effects. Composing crazy ideas and developing KY’s communications together with Elina have been some of my best (and funniest) moments during the spring 2020! I think it is important that the whole communication sector works well together, since that is when you get the best ideas and create something cool for the whole community to see. It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert in communications when you start working at KY – creating together with the best people makes working at KY unique!”



I have also two responsibilities that are not related to communications but are nice variety to my job! I’m one of our membership service employees and also Masters’ Committees secretary and vice chair. Once or twice a week I’m working as a membership service employee (Arttu and Jarkko are the others doing this). When I have the shift, I help our members and volunteers with different things. The things can vary from selling the KY products to answering the service email or even helping someone to find the missing scissors at the office 😀 Being part of Masters’ Committee is a really fun part of this job. We have usually meetings biweekly where I’m the secretary. I’m also responsible of our budget so I handle all the invoices and receipts. Otherwise, I’m just helping the committee members and Pauli (the chair) when they need my help and of course we have also fun together!


Here are Pauli’s thoughts about our cooperation:


“It has been fun working with Elina. Together we handle the Masters’ Committee, with Elina being invaluable both as vice-chair, and by handling the budget and taking meeting minutes. Whenever I need someone to brainstorm Masters’ Committee stuff, I can just pop over to her desk for a chat. Elina also probably knows more than me about the daily practicalities at KY Office, and I can rely on her when I’m unsure on what to do or how to get things done.”


In addition to all these tasks I have a lot of responsibilities that just occur randomly like informing our members about the KY Office opening hours or different volunteer recruitings, coordinating the communication of Wappu and Annual Ball Week and being responsible of some of KY’s biggest publications (KY Guide and Annual Report). 


Okay, that’s all about my tasks! The list got longer than I expected even I tried to mention just my most relevant tasks. After this long list, I want to highlight that a big part of this job, or actually the biggest part, is the people you get to work with. Especially now, when we are working remotely I realize how I really miss just the normal everyday life at Espilä – coming to the office in the morning, making coffee and sitting on the couch of our open office and sharing for example the best stories from last weekend’s party. I tried to think what is my best memory from the past year but it’s impossible to choose just one. Of course, all the parties we have attended together like Mursujaiset, Harkkasitsit and Lauluiltas have been super fun, as well as all the hangouts with the employees or the whole office. A concept that deserves also a special mention is PaNe-dinners. If you are the next me, Arttu or Jarkko, we will sure teach you how to have proper dinners. 😉 To clear my thoughts (also to myself), I say that the best memory is the people I have got to work with <3



Now, you know about my tasks and that I have some nice memories from the past year but what have I actually learned or have I just been having fun? Definitely, I have learned a lot! KY is an amazing opportunity to be able to work with motivated, passionate and innovative people. This year has given me responsibilities I couldn’t imagine getting anywhere else at this point of my career. I didn’t have much experience of communications before starting at this position. I had just done some communications when volunteering at KY. So, don’t worry if you don’t have any experience but are interested in applying. KY is a perfect place to challenge yourself and learn! I feel that I’m learning something new all the time. I have learned for example to use wordpress and different graphic design tools just to mention some concrete examples. I have learned a lot about myself too and gained some useful knowledge and practises for my future career but I’m not going too deeply on that. I have also found new, more creative sides of myself which has actually surprised me a lot. Before this position, I didn’t think I’m that visual person but actually now, doing the visual materials is probably my favorite part of this job and I’m very motivated to learn more about that. I’m for example quite proud of the visual look of our new wellbeing tips! 😉


Okay that’s all about my tasks and experiences at the KY Office. I don’t know if it made any sense to you but I hope it made you realize how unique the opportunity of working at KY is. If you are even slightly considering to apply, DO IT! I haven’t heard anyone would have regretted that. 


If you have any questions about my position or you just want to hear more about my experiences, feel free to contact me! I’m more than happy to chat with you! 🙂


<3: Elina


Elina Anttalainen

Communications Coordinator