AYY's services for clubs


Whilst KY’s clubs are entitled to a lot of benefits, most of them also belong to our student union AYY’s association register. Whether you’re looking for premises, advice or other clubs to collaborate with, it’s always a good idea to check out what AYY has to offer!

AYY offers its member associations services such as:

For a full list of services offered, click here.


Facilities rented on one-time basis

AYY offers its members and associations a wide array of spaces and facilities for rent, ranging from saunas to event spaces and meetings rooms, as well as more exotic spaces such as a cinema and multi-facility hall.

AYY’s facilities can be rented using the TILA-system. You log in with your Aalto IT account, but reservations should be made under the name of your association, so you’ll need to add representation rights to the individual members who are allowed to make reservations on behalf of the club. (An activation key is sent out to the club’s email address and after this, this person can redistribute representation rights to other members.)

Special status associations and other associations in the 1st list of AYY’s association register are entitled to reserve facilities before individual users in advance reservation events (“Tilakähmyt”) held twice a year (for spring / fall reservations). During the advance reservation period associations can make overlapping reservations for the same facility. They are then welcome to take part in the advance reservation events, where each association is invited to justify their reservations so that conflicting reservations can be reorganized and resolved.

Advance reservation events are advertised on AYY’s association newsletter, so remember to sign up to stay informed! Note that clubs that have filled out the annual association notice are automatically subscribed.

For more info on practical reservation matters such as payment and picking up keys, click here.

Club rooms & storage facilities

Good news for those looking for club spaces in Otaniemi - associations operating under AYY can also apply for club rooms and storage facilities. Allocation is based on the application and a more specific scoring model, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the model in advance. Whenever new facilities become vacant, they’re advertised in AYY’s association newsletter, so make sure to subscribe.


Associations belonging to AYY’s association register’s first list may also apply for operating grants from AYY. The application period takes place each spring and grants are allocated using a specific scoring model, so make sure your association meets the criteria! If you’re in the process of setting up your association, you can also apply for a start-up grant from AYY.

Whilst operating grants are aimed at supporting your association’s continuous activities, you can also find funding for new, mind-blowing ideas or to cover surprising costs from the TTE-fund. (The majority of the website is in Finnish, but you can find brief instructions in English as well!) Note that the TTE-Fund’s grants are meant for new activities and projects, so the fund does not give grants to basic activity such as studies or covering paychecks.


AYY also provides training sessions for new association members at the end of each year (these are, again, advertised in AYY’s newsletters). The training is organized in Finnish and if necessary, a separate session is held in English. To refresh your memory, you can also refer to last year’s materials.


If you’re anxious about bringing your association’s activities to Otaniemi, fear not - there’s a huge network of actors out here to help you out! Remember to check out AYY’s association list for possible collaborators, advertise your events on AYY Events and the weekly newsletter to maximize coverage and of course, get in touch with AYY’s association sector should you have any questions!