Find your dream job through KY’s own recruiting agency!

aTalent Recruiting is a recruiting company owned by KY, Prodeko and Prodeko Alumni associations. aTalent helps companies to recruit young talents and offers career opportunities for students and recent graduates in their own field of study. aTalent’s story began in 2004 when the guild of the Industrial Engineering and Management Club Prodeko and the Alumni organization of Prodeko founded a recruitment company called Prodeko Recruiting. KY became a stakeholder of the company in 2012 and the company’s name was changed to aTalent Recruiting. In 2017 aTalent had a revenue of over 4,4M€ and 470 students and recent graduates got a new job through us. Companies offering jobs through aTalent range from the world’s biggest international companies to early stage startups.

aTalent as a supporter of young professionals

aTalent is specialized in the professional development of university students and graduates. Our goal is to offer challenging jobs in the fields of business, technology and IT and give the best possible service to our applicants: all applicants get feedback at the end of a recruitment process and a possibility to discuss job hunting and application documents with our recruitment professionals. We organize workshops and other training sessions in order to offer effective tools for job hunting.

How can YOU benefit from aTalent?

At aTalent you find only relevant job opportunities for academic students and graduates. aTalent offers positions in various companies from different industries, from small start-ups to listed companies. For example, last year we recruited employees for Nordea, Hartwall, eQ and Smartly. aTalent offers part-time and full-time positions, summer jobs, traineeships and shorter projects. In addition to job offerings we provide comprehensive feedback and support for everyone applying for a job through us.

KY member – Join us, keep your profile updated and catch the best opportunities!

By joining in aTalent’s register you will be the first to hear about open job positions in your own field of study. We also use the register for headhunting so it is a good idea to join our register and keep your profile updated even if you were not currently searching for a job. aTalent uses the information in its register confidentially, and will under no circumstances hand it over to any third parties. We also post the open positions regularly on Social Media so it is highly recommended to follow us.

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