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Aalto Cocktail

Aalto Cocktail is an interdisciplinary club devoted to cocktails and cocktail culture. Its ambition is to bring something more tasty and stylish to the student culture of Aalto. Aalto Cocktail arranges various cocktail-related events and parties throughout the year, offers bartending services and schoolings and helps its members to understand more about how to put together a better drink. Most of the club’s activities are held in Finnish, but the members are always glad to use English as well if it suits you better!

If you’re interested in cocktails, bartending or just want to know what kind of people would rather have a Gin & Tonic than a beer at a party, come and say hi! Aalto Cocktail will be present at most mursu events in the fall, and is always looking for new members and would- be bartenders to join our ranks.

You can also find Aalto Cocktail on Facebook: Don’t hesitate to like the page or drop the club a message if you want to know more!


Aalto Debating Society

Want to be able to present ideas confidently and persuasively anytime, anywhere and in front of any audience? To engage in critical discussions on topical issues? Maybe just brush up on your English? Check out Aalto Debating Society, a vibrant international community of debaters from across Aalto!

Through ADS you can participate in

1) Weekly practice debates
2) Super fun international debate tournaments across Europe!
3) Workshops, show debates, and guest speaker events
4) Social events to get to know debaters in a casual setting

Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes!

Find ADS at or

Aalto Marketing Society

Aalto Marketing Society is the subject club taking care of both Finnish and English speaking marketing-minded students’ interests at Aalto University! Acti acts as a link between its student members and the faculty of the Department of Marketing, matches skilled marketing students with top-notch employers and organizes a great variety of events. Aalto Marketing Society makes sure their members get the opportunity to develop relevant skills, network and gain knowledge in the field – and of course also knows how to party!

Aalto Marketing Society arranges excursions to interesting companies, organizes training sessions and gives you the opportunity to spend some amazing time in great company at study trips abroad, summer cruises and Christmas parties, amongst others! The club cooperates closely with companies and promotes open positions and trainee programs through its mailing list and Facebook page.


Aalto Predators

Aalto Predators is the American football team of Aalto University. The team plays in the Finnish Academic League, comprising of players of all experience levels: from beginners to maple league and national team players.

American football is a sport that requires players of many different athletic types: from smaller agile skill positions in the secondary and backfield, to the heavy lifters on the line of scrimmage. The team also organizes evenings for players to watch games, socialize and hang out.

Founded in 2012, the team is already a staple in Otaniemi and Töölö, hosting check points at KY City Challenge and Otasuunnistus, amongst others. The club hosts a Super Bowl party open to all Aalto students. The club also includes football enthusiasts who support the team by using their talents to arrange events or acting as a member of the board.

Tryouts are in the fall at the start of the academic year! Predator practices are held in Finnish and English by the coaches. Check out and


Aalto Strategy

Aalto Strategy is the subject club for students studying in the multidisciplinary Master’s Programme in Strategy at Aalto University and those interested in the field of strategy.

Aalto Strategy’s purpose is to represent Master’s students in Strategy at Aalto University, and to promote their interests and aspirations by functioning as a link between students, university staff, companies and other student associations. We aim to bring together students studying or interested in strategy at Aalto University by organizing events such as company excursions, career evenings and casual get-togethers. We welcome all students interested in strategy to join our activities!

For more information about Aalto Strategy, check out our FB-page while you can read more about the Master’s Programme in Strategy at


Aalto Entrepreneurship Society ( was started in 2009 to inspire students to become entrepreneurs, think big and think global. The club organizes events, workshops and trips that aim to provide an opportunity for students to learn and network with the like-minded. Aaltoes has its own space, Startup Sauna, a co-working space for startups and student project teams located in Otaniemi. To join the awesomeness, go to an Aaltoes event and talk to somebody wearing an Aaltoes shirt.

In the spring of 2015 Aaltoes organized trips to six different countries for the team members. One of these was a three-week trip to Silicon Valley, California, where members of the team interviewed entrepreneurs and visited the world’s biggest tech companies (including Apple, Google and Facebook). In the fall the club plans to organize more.

On September 15th 2015, Aaltoes is organizing a huge event for all first year students in the middle of Helsinki. Mark the date. You don’t want to miss this.





AEGEE is the largest interdisciplinary student association in Europe with more than 13 000 members in 200 cities in 40 countries. Its aim is to increase cooperation, communication and integration among students by organizing local and European level events. In AEGEE-Helsinki, the only local branch in Finland, the members consist mostly of students studying at the Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.

AEGEE-Helsinki organizes local events every month and European events about three times a year. The events are everything from exchanges between other AEGEE locals to theme-parties and relaxed board game nights. All of the events are held in English! If you are an open-minded person and want to discover Europe with a student budget while finding new friends, this is the organization for you! You are welcome to the events of AEGEE-Helsinki to find out more! See Facebook page ‘AEGEE-Helsinki’ and website


AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization and the Local Committee at Aalto is part of the 126 youth-run member committees around the world. The Local Committee at Aalto is part of a world-wide network of 7000+ members. The club strives to create a positive impact through personal development and shared global experiences through youth programs, done in collaboration with our partner organizations.

AIESEC Aalto focuses on both the Global Citizen and Global Talent programs. Global Citizen is based on spending 6 weeks abroad. AIESEC’s Global Talent program offers students a chance to paid internships around the world for 6–12 months.

AIESEC Aalto is always looking for new members to join the team and encourage everyone to take that one extra step, go forward that one extra degree, and turn your summer and winter into something you will always cherish! Find out more on club’s website at You can also follow the national website



Akystic is a unique cover band, consisting of a dynamic group of young and talented musicians. The band’s repertoire covers a wide range of well-known rock, pop and dance music. Members of Akystic are well-experienced in performing, each bearing a diverse history with their own instruments.

One of Akystic’s remarkable features is its ability to perform with varied assemblies, thus customising the assembly of each performance according to customer’s needs and wishes. Therefore, Akystic can perform even a rousing electric party gig in a large-scale event with rich musical elements, thanks to it’s broad selection of musicians. Alternatively, Akystic might perform as a small duo in a more modest event, without any external audio system. Whichever the case, Akystic is definite to present each occasion with a very memorable and gripping gig experience. Visit the website at


Viinikerho Baccus

Baccus is a wine club first founded already in the late 1980’s. The mission of Baccus is to promote wine culture and wine knowledge among Aalto students. In order to do this Baccus arranges several wine tastings and other wine related events throughout the academic year – Mursu Tasting, the three-week wine school and the annual champagne tasting ‘Sparkling Night’, to mention a few. Baccus holds events both in Otaniemi and in Töölö and both for wine newbies and for more experienced wine enthusiasts. The aim is to share the knowledge in a relaxed setting.

You will find Baccus under the name ‘Viinikerho Baccus’ on Facebook. All Aalto students interested in wine are most warmly welcome!

Boston Promenade

Boston Promenade is KY’s own big band which has been rocking the socks out of business students since 1964.

The band can be heard playing annually at the Mursu Party, Boston Night, Annual Ball and PreManta. In addition to this, the band performs regularly in public and private parties. Boston is a band that is born global, hence touring regularly all around the world. Latest countries visited include e.g. Thailand, Panama and Nicaragua.

Boston Promenade isn’t a regular big band, as it doesn’t limit itself to traditional big band classics – also Backstreet Boys, Psy or even Van Halen are performed by the band. The band operates mainly in Finnish, but the most important language to speak is music. So if you know how to play, are ready for some serious fun and can commit to this band for at least a couple of years, the current members would love to hear more from you! More information at and

CEMS Club Helsinki




FBC-KY, also known as ‘The Snakes’, is Aalto University’s floorball club for business students. During its three-year history the club has succeeded in winning a couple of prizes already, Finnish university championships in 2014 and 2015 being the highest achievements.

The team practices weekly at UniSport and all KY members are welcome to participate. In addition, the team attends several other floorball leagues and tournaments during the year. Some team members have played floorball for their entire youth and others have started playing in the university, so whatever your skills are, you will fit in.

If you wish to be a part of the team, join the info evening in the fall! In case you can’t make it, just send FBC-KY an email or message the club on Facebook. You can find more information about the club on Facebook, so go on and like ‘FBC-KY’!

FC Kissat logo

FC Kissat

FC Kissat is the football club for female students in Aalto University. The team is focused on good fun, team spirit and exercise, and is open to players of all levels. The club has members from first-year students to recently graduated, all differing in football experience, but sharing the passion for the sport. FC Kissat welcomes all Aalto University female students to join in on the fun! All exchange students are also warmly welcomed, even for short exchange periods – the club has gained valuable experience from our Italian, Russian and French enforcements.

Trainings are held once a week: outdoors during the summer time and indoors during the winter. FC Kissat also participates in the hobby league throughout the year as well as in various tournaments, and always welcome everybody to join in.

For more information visit, join the Facebook group: ‘FC Kissat’ or send an email to


Hernesaaren Näädät

Hernesaaren Näädät is the one and only, legendary ice hockey team of KY. Since the beginning of the 90s, the home of Näädät has been the centrally located ice hockey rink of Hernesaari.

Näädät gather together every Sunday at 20:20 to Hernesaari to share their passion for ice hockey. The team plays in the III division in the Helsinki region, and so also has, on average, a game per week in addition to the weekly trainings. Näädät start their season in the beginning of September. Furthermore, the team has several awesome events during the season: for example, a game played against the team of Hanken, played in front of hundreds of students at the legendary Helsinki Ice Hockey Arena.

If you got interested and have some background in ice hockey don’t hesitate to contact the team via Facebook (Hernesaaren Näädät) or via mail: or Näädät can promise you good times, enjoyable hockey and lifelong friends.



Jury is the subject club for business law students, established already in 2003. The club aims to bring together business law students, protect their interests and improve students’ relations to future employers. Events vary from excursions to casual nights out and all KY members are welcome to join! The biggest, most legendary events are held during the fall semester – you should check out JuryJurrit, a casual party to start of the semester in September, and the combined pre-Christmas party and annual meeting, during which the new board is selected. For more information about Jury and its events, check out the Facebook page at


Kauppiksen Porvarit

Kauppakorkeakoulun Porvarit is a political student association which is a member of the Student League of National Coalition party of Finland, Tuhatkunta.

The association arranges interesting events such as events for first year students, sauna evenings, excursions, panel discussions and sitsi parties. Members also participate in the elections of the representative council of AYY as well as in Tuhatkunta’s events held around Finland. The association members can significantly influence the types of events they will arrange.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the events, however, events are primarily held in Finnish. You can get more information by emailing to or by visiting Facebook page at Dates of all events are announced there as they are decided, so make sure you don’t miss the event held for mursus especially!




KY Accounting

KY Accounting is the subject club for accounting students, operating as a link between students and three important groups – the faculty, the corporate world and other students with like-minded interests. Firstly, the club actively promotes accounting students’ interests towards the faculty. Secondly, it works in close cooperation with the corporate world, offering students connections to interesting employers. Thirdly, the club brings accounting students together by organizing relaxed events to enable networking with future professionals. The activities include for example excursions, career nights and a yearly study trip, and are organized by the board selected in an annual meeting in December.

Want to know some more? See the website, like the Facebook page, or sign up to the mailing list on the website or by sending an email to

KY Comms

KY Communication is the subject club for students majoring or minoring in communication at Aalto University School of Business. The club’s events and activities give communications students an opportunity to build their future career, learn professional skills and network. Events organized by the club include casual parties, career events and trainings. This year the themes of trainings have been self-branding and coding. KY Communication operates in close connection with the Department of Communication. Most of the events are organized in English – everyone interested in communication is welcome to participate!

KY Communication’s board is chosen every year at the annual meeting in December. You can contact the board by emailing Check out the Facebook page for more info:

KY Economics

Networking with company representatives on career nights and company visits! Learning more about economic issues through panel discussions. Enjoying a summer picnic with amazing students. Feeling the international vibe on study trips around the world. This is KY Economics – a subject club taking care of economics-minded students’ interests, well-being and future career paths.

KY Economics is proud of its connections with the Department of Economics and leading economics-oriented companies. The goal is to offer the best contacts, knowledge and experience – without forgetting all the fun and exciting student activities. Most of the events organized by KY Economics are held in Finnish, excluding study trips and some company excursions. The new board is chosen at the second annual meeting in December. Catch KY Economics at and sign up to the mailing list at to find out more!

KY Finance

KY Finance is an English-speaking association for finance students and students interested in finance at Aalto University. KY Finance’s goal is to help finance students develop knowledge and skills relevant to the field, and to connect talented students with the top employers.

KY Finance cooperates with multiple local and international companies to organize high quality networking events, including the London Investment Banking Trip and the legendary Poker Tournament at Casino Helsinki. KY Finance actively promotes open internship and full-time positions via a mailing list and its Facebook site. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a request to To learn more about KY Finance, open positions, and the latest events, visit

KY Honbu

The business students’ karate club KY Honbu arranges a beginner’s course in karate! The course starts in September. If you already know karate or some other style, you might want to start at the practices for the upper belts. Practices are held in Töölö, at the main building of the School of Business or at the ‘Unidojo’ of UniSport (Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 25). For more information visit

KY Honbu’s karate style is called Koryu Uchinadi. It is a modern application of original Okinawan karate. The aim of the style is to improve one’s self-defense abilities in varying situations and scenarios. Practicing karate suits anyone interested in getting fit and developing body control or combat skills. In addition to intensive training the club organizes different kind of get-togethers and karate camps.

KY Ice

KY Ice is a skating club for all students interested in ice skating. Members practice once a week during semesters: on Fridays in Töölö at the Helsinki Ice Hall, normally at 14–15 o’clock. Practices are not coached,  but skating is pretty fun with good music and very low price!

No matter whether you are a figure skater, synchronized skater or novice (or never skated before), Bachelor’s or Master’s student, you are welcome to join the club on ice! More information by emailing and on Facebook (KY Ice).


KY-Kannus keeps up the riding traditions of Aalto University School of Business. Kannus gives an opportunity for students to continue their hobby at the university, and additionally, familiarizes new enthusiasts with horse riding. Kannus organizes a wide range of horse riding events throughout the year for both experienced riders and people who are willing to try out horse riding. The club offers, for example, horse trekking trips, Icelandic horses’ gait lessons, dressage and show jumping training and competition trips. First timers and people who want to start horse riding after a long break get to challenge themselves in our horse riding trials. KY Kannus looks forward to seeing you at their events!


KY Kori

KY-Kori was founded 1977 and is the business students’ traditional basketball team. Currently the team competes in the men’s southern third division, adding up to roughly twenty games per season. To do well, the team practices regularly 1–2 times per week in the area of Töölö throughout the year. As counterbalance, the club occasionally organizes relaxed events off of the court as well. KY-Kori welcomes potential players to try-out their skills at a practise event. Contact Villeveikka Koivumaa ( for more details.



Men envy and women adore them. And why not the other way round too. Since 1949 KYL has changed the notion of what male choir singing is about. KYL gives your vocal chords the opportunity to produce music ranging from Sibelius to Katy Perry while performing for audiences in top concert halls in Japan (in 2014) to nightclubs in Mummotunneli (don’t ask) or wherever duty calls.

KYL is one of Finland’s top male choirs, and has won international competitions and published critically acclaimed albums. Choir members are more interested in a good attitude than a broad musical background. Do notice, however, that KYL operates and sings in Finnish, so willingness to learn the language is a must! KYL can offer you singing instruction, an appreciation of classical and not-so-classical music, trips to the stages of the world, but most importantly, a life-long brotherhood. Join the choir if you have the balls. More information: and


KY:llä Oluelle

KYllä Oluelle is a beer society, recently formed by nine business students, that organizes events for the whole student body of Aalto University. The club’s first event was held in March in collaboration with BrewDog Helsinki, and was swiftly followed by a hot dog pop-up restaurant Ravintola KYllä on Restaurant Day. For Wappu the crew released the Kylteri 1911 Pale Ale, which became a big hit amongst the business students. KYllä Oluelle crew is already planning stunts and events for this fall. Follow KYllä Oluelle on Facebook at and on Instagram @oluelle. Cheers!




KY-Missio is Christian association of KY and has the aim of bringing together the Christian business students and displaying the gospel at our school.

KY-Missio’s operation is based on the Bible – that is, the club believes that God exists, and that through Jesus whoever can find a true relationship with Him. Thus, Christianity is not seen as a pile of rules to fulfill, but rather as following the loving God and doing as is His will.

KY-Missio organizes a regular lunch and praying meeting. Members also gather to play different games together, ranging from board games to football, and pray and praise, sing songs and, of course, study the Bible together. Sometimes the club invites an interesting Christian speaker to talk or arranges panel discussion. The club is bilingual, or even trilingual, sometimes. So international students are warmly welcome. If you are interested in talking about anything between Heaven and Earth – or even outside their limits – you can join in and contact the club at missio@ky.fior on Facebook: ‘KY-Missio’.



The aviation club KY-mppi is one of the most high-flown clubs at KY. Founded in 2008, KY-mppi aims to bring members of KY closer to aviation by organizing skydiving courses and student events with an appropriate theme.

KY-mppi organizes diverse activities related to aviation and the traditional student culture. The most popular cultural event organized by KY-mppi is the immensely popular pub crawl Kymppisuora, during the Wappu week, where students race from Pikku Huopalahti to the center of Helsinki with tram 10 jumping from bar to bar. KY-mppi also organizes a wide variation of events and has a culture of renewing its event calendar every year. This means that new members get their ideas heard and see their own visions come to life from year one!

Above everything KY-mppi is an open community that is always looking for new members to join the ranks. All board meetings are open and you can jump in anytime. Find more information of the club at



KYN (Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Naislaulajat) is a bright, ambitious and versatile female choir – an academic choir that changes your perception of choral music! The musical strength of KYN lies in its expressiveness, rhythmic competence and unique repertoire which have delighted people from France to Taiwan. KYN has profiled itself particularly as an interpreter of ethnic jazz.

In addition to concerts, KYN performs in smaller groups at different events. This fall KYN focuses on recording its new album. After exams, it is time to calm down at the choir’s Christmas concerts on December 16th and 20th. In 2016 KYN celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Follow KYN on Facebook ( and on Youtube ( to stay updated about what’s going on.





Piste is the subject club for the students at the Department of Information and Service Economy, which consists of the Business Technology (BT) Bachelor’s program and the Master’s program in Information and Service Management (ISM).

Piste organizes a variety of exciting events including Career Evening and excursions to the top technology and consulting companies, study trips to discover the most inspiring places (like the Golden State of California this fall), not to mention the notorious Novemberfest which is the grand finale of the Piste year.

Besides presenting students with great career opportunities, Piste aims to be an effective link between BT/ISM students and the faculty to make sure your opinions will always be heard.

For more information, visit and the Facebook page, and don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list!



KYppendales is KY’s own dance team that performs regularly at events and parties. Their shows are all about talent, musicality, humor and good vibes with a hint of flirt and crazy ideas on the side. They also arrange open workshops and dance classes for all Aalto University students. For more information about future events and activities in general, check out the KYppendales’ Facebook page at, or send an email to

KY-Sail logo color estsail


KY-Sail is the sailing club of Aalto University School of Business, established in 2006. The purpose of KY-Sail is to promote sailing and the sailing culture among students. All events hosted by KY-Sail are open to all students at Aalto University!

The club’s annual events include sailing tryouts and sailing schools, the Summer Cruise, the famous Crayfish Party and of course the legendary two week trip to the Mediterranean, amongst others. No previous sailing experience is required in our events. Welcome!

For further information, go to KY-Sail’s website or find the club on Facebook ( and watch videos at



KY-Ski is the skiing club Aalto University School of Business, that some people could even call legendary. It is one of the oldest clubs in the entire university, being founded in 1975, and having spread the joy of skiing and related activities ever since!

For KY-Ski, skiing is the main theme and backbone, but not everything. The club organizes the craziest trips and coolest events around the year, including fresh snow, warm seas and wild parties. Annually, these include a 300-person skiing trip to Lapland by a private train, surfcamps and skiing around the world, as well as snow and watersports events near Helsinki. To offer the best for skiiers, surfers and party people of Aalto, KY-Ski works together with other skiing clubs around the country, not to forget the strong precence in other events all year round!

KY-Ski’s events are something you have to experience, and they are open for all, regardless of your skiing background. Follow the club on Facebook to know what’s up, to hear about new events and skiing Just jump on a board and enjoy the ride!

KY-Slice logo2


FORE! Golf is a very popular sport in the business world and with its 30 years of history, KY’s very own golf club KY-Slice is one of the most traditional clubs KY has to offer. The club’s goal is to provide opportunities to play golf at student-friendly prices. KY-Slice arranges various events throughout the year, from Green Card courses for beginners to KY Championships for more experienced players. Although golf is what brings the club members together, don’t take it too seriously – the main purpose of events is to have fun and meet new friends.

KY-Slice’s events are open for all Aalto University students. For more information about the activities, come to the info evening next fall and like KY-Slice on Facebook. Welcome aboard!



KY-Speksi is an interactive musical comedy, created by the students of the Aalto University School of Business, although students from other disciplines are welcome to join as well. This ambitious yet playful production combines music, dancing and out-of-this-world performances – not forgetting the mind-blowing storyline.

The actors either follow the storyline or the audience’s directions. To see a part of the scene re-played by improvising, a spectator can shout ‘Omstart!’ and even add a definition. For example ‘Omstart, Game of Thrones!’ gives the audience the pleasure of seeing the part re-played Westeros style.

In KY-Speksi you get to show your skills either on stage, behind the curtains or in various production teams. Application time for next year’s  production starts early in the fall. Please note that the actual play is in Finnish. To get to know more and stay posted, follow KY-Speksi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@kyspeksi) or email us at




KY-Tennis has weekly tennis practice sessions that are open for all students. You just need to register at least one day in advance. In addition, before Christmas and in the beginning of the summer the club has had fun tournaments to celebrate the holiday seasons. If you have a passion for the sport or have some new event ideas and want to contribute, find KY-Tennis on Facebook or email for more information. The club mainly operates in English.


KY United

KY United is the very own football club of Aalto business students. The club arranges many different field activities, such as weekly futsal practices during semesters, futsal league games, and tournaments (football/futsal/beach football). In addition, also activities off of the field are arranged – match studios being a great example. The club is one of the most international ones at KY, which makes the events a great opportunity to get to know some foreign or Finnish students better.

Weekly practices are open for all business students for a nominal fee. There are no specific requirements for new players, but it is recommended to have some background in football. To take part, you should come and see KY United at the Wellbeing Morning during orientation week, and follow the Facebook page as well as join the club’s Facebook group. You can also contact the team by email:

MIB logo1 CS


Aalto Management and International Business, shortly M!B, is a subject club for all students interested in these named subjects at the Aalto University. The aim is to lobby the interests of management and IB students both in the academic and work life, to connect the members with the faculty of the Management & IB department and to organize various activities such as company visits, training sessions and social gatherings for our members. The languages used in M!B are both English and Finnish.

You can contact Aalto M!B board through or visit the website and



Sustainable Business Club



Movie club Tikelo is KY’s oldest club, established in 1965. Tikelo shows and watches movies from all genres from box office hits to less known quality films. Monthly movie evenings are completely free of charge and the bigger screenings at local theaters are super affordable. Tikelo will be showing movies both in Töölö as well as in Otaniemi. If you love big movies and are interested in joining the club, participate in a Tikelo event and share your favorite movie with club members. Alongside the awesome movie nights, this fall Tikelo will provide student priced tickets to the premier of Star Wars VII The Force Awakens. Stay tuned and find the club at



Media production club Vemia is all about bringing creative people together: fashion photography, YouTube videos, short movies or interactive web sites. No matter what your media production is about you can join the club to share your projects, learn new skills, create and have fun! It doesn’t matter if you have no skills yet, in Vemia you will learn. Vemia has for example, frozen water’s movement and made an aftermovie of Wappu.

In addition to teaching and helping each other, members also maintain an array of cool media production equipment from active stabilizers to smart camera remotes.

Vemia is the place to find creative friends, learn new skills and have fun that leaves a mark!

The best way to join the club is by sending an email to You can also join the Facebook group and see more on Facebook page



WhisKY spreads knowledge and the joys of whisky throughout Aalto University. Most of the time the club arranges intimate, chill and laid back tastings, where quality comes first but pricing stays reasonable. WhisKY tries to cover different areas, styles and whiskies around the world as much as possible. Tastings are usually arranged in a monthly fashion.

Some of the tastings come also with some extra spice, such as an option to enjoy the sauna or a cocktail bar. The finishing tastings of the semesters in the spring and winter also have something special in them in terms of specific more unknown whiskies that are extremely hard to find! WhisKY also organizes excursions to importing firms and distilleries.

The first tasting of the academic year is held in September, and is specifically aimed for mursus. In the event all the basics of whisky are covered, so you can jump straight to the interesting world of this fine spirit.

You can find the club on Facebook under the name ‘Viskikerho WhisKY’.

women of aalto

Women of Aalto

Women of Aalto is a network of young ambitious women looking for inspiration for their future careers. It offers a platform for networking and peer support with like-minded students across all disciplines of Aalto University. As a member of Women of Aalto you can attend inspirational events with various themes, enhance your personal skills, meet other ambitious students and hear stories of those already graduated. Joining is easy: just like the Facebook page for the latest news and join Women of Aalto group to become a member:! You can also ask for more information at