Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy

Spending your year in LiHy means being part of a group with great energy and good vibes, a real sense of community, and developing yourself through a balance of project management and teamwork.

The Sports and Wellbeing Committee, LiHy, organizes a wide range of events supporting students’ physical and mental wellbeing and promoting the feeling of community. LiHy arranges several events ranging from an urban adventure race Aalto City Challenge to a spectacular Autumn Hike and delicious Cake Buffets in KY Corner. The committee’s goal is to provide unforgettable memories and supply some balance to student life – and of course to have fun!

LiHy members can be recognized by the three stripes of their sporty Adidas jackets and their radiating energy. A year in the committee not only guarantees lots of new friends, but also provides a unique opportunity to organize events, improve leadership and teamwork skills and learn something new about event marketing.


Apply to LiHy and other KY’s committees here before 1.12. 23:59!