Election to KY Board 2021

We are looking for a new board for the next year and applications are open now! KY Board holds the highest executive power at KY. They are the face and voice of our members, upholding our strategy and traditions, and ensuring that all KY members get to enjoy the best student experience around.

KY Board is a full-time (with flexible hours), paid position of responsibility from 1.1.2021-31.12.2021. Notice that on-boarding and possible interviews of Committees will start already in December 2020. Excellent communication skills in Finnish and in English are required in all positions. All applications must be in English. The Former of the Board and all KY Board Members will be chosen by KY Representative Council.


If you have any questions regarding the elections, please contact hallitusvalinta@ky.fi or if you want to know more about specific positions contact the current Board Member. It is suggested to reach out to current Board Members to discuss on-going events and responsibilities.



13.10.2020Applications open (The Former of the Board and Board Members at KY Association).
25.10.2020 Deadline to apply for the Former of the Board at KY Association. Deadline at 21:00
28.10.2020Representative Council interview session for candidates applying for the Former of the Board.Interview Session at 17:00
3.11.2020Panel for candidates applying for the Former of the Board. Straight after the panel, the Former of the Board is chosen in KY Representative Council meeting.Panel at 17:00
8.11.2020Deadline to apply for the Board Member position at KY Association.Deadline at 21:00
12.11.2020Panel for KY Association Board Member applicants.Panel at 17:00
17.11.2020KY Representative Council convenes and elects the Board for KY Association for the year 2021 on the basis of the Board Former’s proposal.RepCo meeting at 17:00

Application for the Former of the Board at KY Association

Send your application, a brief introduction of yourself (max. 100 words), picture (1080 x 1080 px) and resume to hallitusvalinta@ky.fi by Sunday 25.10.2020 21:00. All materials must be in English. Materials will be sent to KY Representative Council, and introductions and pictures will be published on this page.

All applicants for the Former of the Board are expected to join the interview session organized by the Representative Council on Wednesday 28.10.2020 at 17:00 at Zoom.

Applicants for the Former of the Board have the possibility to show their interest in the position until the beginning of the panel discussion for all applicants, however, we wish that applicants would comply with the indicative deadline. The panel for applicants for the Former of the Board will be held on Tuesday 3.11.2020 17:00 onwards. Straight after panel the Former of the Board will be elected at the Representative Council’s meeting.


Read about Heikki’s year as a Chairman of the Board from the link below!


Picture: Markus Havia
Edit: Landys Roimola

Picture: Markus Havia
Edit: Landys Roimola

Application for Board Member at KY Association

Send your application, a brief introduction of yourself (max. 100 words), picture (1080 x 1080 px) and resume to hallitusvalinta@ky.fi by Sunday 8.11.2020 at  21:00.

All materials must be in English. Materials will be sent to KY Representative Council, and introductions and pictures will be published on this page.

Please include in your application your current year of study and a list of your preference for areas of responsibility. The allocation of responsibilities varies from year to year, so you can choose the topics of your interest from the listing below.


Applicants have the possibility to show their interest in the position until the beginning of the panel discussion. However, we wish that applicants would comply with the indicative deadline. After the application period has ended, you will receive materials in your inbox that help you prepare for the panel discussion held on Thursday 12.11.2020 at 17 remotely via Zoom. In addition, the Former of the Board will interview all applicants. The Board of KY for the year of 2021 will be selected on the basis of the proposal of the Former of Board and via approval of the Representative Council on Tuesday 17.11.2020.

Read about the current Board Members’ years from their blogs to learn what your 2021 could look like!

Areas of Responsibility

Academic Affairs responsible’s purpose is to advocate for the rights of students and to make sure that the voice of our business students is heard where needed. This advocacy work happens through many different working groups, administrative organs, and stakeholder meetings, all to improve student’s study lives and wellbeing.

Read more: https://ky.fi/studies/ 

Alumni responsible helps our graduated members staying a part of the KY community. This is achieved in cooperation with KY Alumni, the School of Business and other associations. There are events for alumni and alumni participate in KY events. This year KY Alumni launched a brand new mentoring program.

Read more: https://ky.fi/ky-alumni/,

KY’s Brand is widely recognised and respected. Brand responsible looks after the prestigious brand, oversees that our communications are coherent and executed according to the KY’s brand book in all of our channels. Especially in the coming year, The 110 celebration year is seen and heard at KY’s communications.  

Campus Affairs responsible communicates with the university to make sure all students have the best learning premises on the campus. With Otaniemi evolving rapidly and the need for study space increasing this is an interesting time to affect the outlook of the study spaces for years to come.

Together with KY’s Association Coordinator, Clubs responsible takes care of KY’s clubs. This means keeping in touch with them, thanking them, and arranging training and Club Forums two times a year, where clubs gather together to hang out and chat about current topics at KY.

Together with the communications sector, Communications responsible takes care of all KY’s communications to all of our crucial stakeholders. This includes keeping our members and volunteers up to date about everything that is happening at KY and developing our communication channels even further.

Corporate relations’ main objective is to contribute to financing KY operations. This involves being in contact with current and potential new partners, meeting companies’ representatives, negotiating contracts and serving the partners. In addition, there are multiple project sales throughout the year. Corporate Relations are run together with the two Sales Coordinators.

Our corporate partners: https://ky.fi/career/

KY aims to provide the best student experience in the world for our members. Our goal is that everyone feels welcomed in our community where our members can thrive. For many reasons, KY is proud of its student culture and it truly is something you cannot compare to anything else. KY exists solely for – and because of – its members. Culture is responsible for all of this. To make sure that all these great KY traditions is upheld while still making room for new and fresh ideas. Bringing KY to its members.

Data-based decision making is seen more and more important at KY. Digital KY responsible is looking for ways to make KY more efficient through digitalisation. Digital KY responsible works in partnership with IT-Coordinator, to have comprehensive understanding of the technical bottlenecks KY has. The aim is to create a coherent and planned design for digitalisation at KY.

Educational Affairs responsible works in tandem with the Academic Affairs responsible to ensure student representation in all relevant organs. Traditionally, while overlap occurs, educational affairs is positioned more towards the BIZ side, while academic focuses more towards Aalto-level administration.

Read more: https://ky.fi/studies/

Elections responsible organises the representative council elections of KY and is responsible for promoting the representative council elections of AYY. The responsible will lead the central elections committee that includes members from KY Office and KY Representative Council and helps the responsible with the project. This position is a combination of project management and creating an amazing vibe about the elections for the whole KY. 

Read more: www.ky.fi/elections

Finance responsible takes care of the finances of the KY association. This includes working with the Executive Director in taking care of the budget, and planning the budget for next year. The responsible also takes care of the association’s investment portfolio with our asset management company, within the guidelines set by the Representative Council.

As International Affairs responsible, you make sure internationality is taken into account at all operations at KY. This can mean discussing with associations or planning a strategy for internationality. In addition to internal matters, the responsible stays in touch with the Nordic Board, business students from our partner schools in other Nordic countries.

Masters’ Students responsible builds a sense of community around masters’ students, and creates events and activities, supported by the Masters’ Committee, to realize this goal. Possibilities during and after studies are actively promoted, and work is done in cooperation with the school and Subject clubs to ensure the best possible experience for the master’s students.

New Premises responsible has the opportunity to be a part of the most long lasting decisions at KY. We need a new home and as the responsible for new premises you are a key player in achieving KY’s long-term spatial goals. The responsibility includes working with the KY Foundation and other key stakeholders.

Warmly welcoming the new Bachelor’s, Master’s and Exchange students to KY and Aalto is a crucial part of building the KY community and passing the traditions on to the new generations of KY members. The sector ensures that student life gets a smooth start by designating a trained tutor for our new students, organizing orientation week and cooperating with the School of Business. Being a new student at KY is an experience of a lifetime that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

KY co-owns aTalent Recruiting Oy with Prodeko and Prodeko Alumni (KY 25%, Prodeko 49%, Prodeko Alumni 26%). Ownership Steering responsible participates in decision-making and gives views on current topics, promotes aTalent towards KY members and helps members benefiting from aTalent’s services (CV and LinkedIn checks etc.)

Read more: https://ky.fi/atalent/

Probba responsible at KY Board supports the Mikkeli campus’ student board, and develops the feeling of community between the two campuses. Representation of Mikkeli students at school organs and events is important to preserve and improve, as well as the relationship between the two boards.

Sports and Wellbeing responsible works around topics related to student wellbeing and safe environment. The tasks include running the Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy, attending different meetings with different working groups, and executing different projects within wellbeing and diversity.

Responsible for Subject Clubs heads the Round Table for Subject Club chairs, maintaining relations, supporting advocacy work, and helping solve common issues that may arise both at KY and school level. KY aims to provide support for Subject Clubs’ activities and events, and bring value to all students across different subjects.

Green values are becoming ever more important to KY and its members, and therefore, Sustainability responsible is looking for ways to make KY more sustainable together with our members, associations and the KY Office. The aim is to implement more sustainable practises to the KY Association.

The Vice Chairperson’s responsibilities are helping the Chairperson with their work, as the two really form a team. When needed the Chairperson represents KY when the Chairperson is not able to. The Vice Chairperson also takes part in the big-picture planning at KY together with the Chairperson and Executive Director.

Work and Career responsible creates opportunities for KY members to meet employers and learn about different career paths. In practice this means arranging career related events with help of the Corporate Relations Committee that is chaired by the board member, and informing about open job opportunities in different channels.