New friends, skills and experiences. Hard work and rewarding results. Wappu festivities in overalls, the Annual Ball in an evening gown or tailcoat. Taking part in KY activities grants you opportunities like these and much more! KY is now looking for people to come and build our community next year. On this page you can find all the applicants to KY’s open positions, after the application period has ended.

Interested to apply to KY Association? See all KY’s open positions here.

Chairperson of the Board at KY Foundation

Antti Perttula

Hello KY!

I’m a 4th-year finance student originally from the classy countryside of Punkalaidun. My KY Journey has included years in NESU-KY, KY Board, and KY Foundation as a student member of the board. My two-year experience from real estate projects at KY and one year from the subsidies committee lays me a foundation to succeed as a chairperson of the foundation. I am sure that I can give valuable insight for KY during the next year, the year that offers actual challenges but also possibilities.

See Antti’s Cover letter here.

Student member of the Board at KY Foundation

Iiro Halinen

Hello KY! I am a fifth-year active member of the KY community. Between the moment I first heard about KY Foundation at Mursumessut in 2016 and today I have had the pleasure to learn about KY through various activities: KUJ, KY-Speksi, KY Board, tutoring, KY Alumni Task Force, RepCo, events… When it comes to studies, I have a handful of courses and my thesis left so my time at KY is slowly coming to an end. I want to make the most of it by learning more and bringing the voice of students to the board of KY Foundation.

Ronja Kouvo

Hello, My name is Ronja Kouvo. I am a fourth-year student at KY. I have been an active volunteer worker at different associations of KY, including committee, sub-committee and clubs. I am passionate about providing future KY students the same possibilities to experience great events and have support to studying as I have experienced in a KY’s financial point of view. I am really excited about applying to KY Foundation Board, since I feel like this is the next logical step for me to continue my path at KY.

Rasmus Mäkinen

I am a fourth-year finance student with a passion for making great things together while constantly learning new. At KY I have had the opportunity and honor to be part in many different associations. A lot of unforgettable memories and knowledge have been captured during these amazing years. As I have seen KY from several viewpoints, my respect towards volunteers’ and KY as an organization is huge. Thus, I want to enable similar financial opportunities that I could experience, for future generations. With my insights, and capabilities, I find KY Foundation as a great opportunity to learn and give back.

Rasmus Ylinen

Hello! I am a fourth-year economics student who has spent the past year as Vice Chair of the KY association. This year has been tough one for KY, but my willingness to serve this community has only grown stronger. After a year of working closely with the KY Foundation, I see myself as a great addition. I have a strong will to bring the voice of the students to the Foundation’s board. I believe that my motivation, background at KY and my readiness to put in the time makes me a strong candidate for this position.