New friends, skills and experiences. Hard work and rewarding results. Wappu festivities in overalls, the Annual Ball in an evening gown or tailcoat. Taking part in KY activities grants you opportunities like these and much more! KY is now looking for people to come and build our community next year. On this page you can find all the applicants to KY’s open positions, after the application period has ended.

Interested to apply to KY Association? See all KY’s open positions here.

Member of the KY Board

Jesse Haapanen

“Hello everyone! I am a 23-year-old third year economic student living in the heart of Otaniemi. I am applying to become a member of the KY board because I want to learn more about this green and orange family, and I believe I have a lot to give for KY association. My KY years include many responsibilities in different organizations, amazing memories and most importantly I have met numerous loving people during my years. I have grown confidence that my skills, knowledge, and personality is of use and I am ready to give everything I have for this incredible organization.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Vice Chairperson of The Board, Finance, New Premises,
Academic Affairs, Subject Clubs, Campus Affairs

Erik Halttunen

“I’m a German born second year student in the English Bachelor’s Program in Economics with a strong background in culture, treasury and working in student advocacy. The idea to apply to the board of KY came naturally, as the organization fascinated me already when I was applying to Aalto. I personally appreciate the idea of hard working, trustworthiness and straight forward interaction between peers and the courage to stand up for what one believes in. With these values and the background I have in student associations I’m certain that I would be a great fit in the board for 2021.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Clubs, Culture, Elections, Finance, International
Affairs, New Premises, New Students, Vice Chairperson of the Board

Aleksi Huhtamäki

“Hello KY! I’m a fourth-year finance student with a deep passion for KY and its’ culture. My history at KY includes multiple club board positions, successfully co-founding a club, experience in the KY Representative Council and organizing Hukkaputki in 2019. I love working with othersand bringing joy to as many people as possible. I was bit by the culture bug during my year in the Cultural Committee where I made some of my closest friends and created memories I will remember for the rest of my life. Free-time activities include golf and waterskiing.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Culture, New Students

Hannu Häikiö

Hello! I’m a 3rd year student majoring in Information and Service Management. Most of the best experiences and memories I’ve had during my time as a student have been the ones our community has given me. I want to give back to the community for everything I’ve gotten and to help make KY even better than it already is. I’m an energetic and outgoing person who believes that the best things in life are experienced together.

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Culture, New Students, Clubs, Sports & Wellbeing

Kiti Kainulainen

“I’m a fourth-year business student who majors in marketing. So far, my journey at KY and in Aalto community has been quite a ride, as I have spent most of my free time volunteering at KY and AYY. I still have a lot to offer, and that’s why I am applying as the member of the board. In the coming year I would like to learn new skills and work towards the best version of KY together with the whole board.

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Brand, Communications, Culture,
Elections, International affairs, New Students, Probba, Sustainability

Jim Liljendal

“I am a fourth-year business student majoring in accounting. I am easily approachable and very open-minded. I feel that I am a rational sensemaker with an ability to take different opinions into account. With all the responsibilities, I believe that having fun is also an important aspect of life. I strongly believe in open communication, integrity and equality. During my years I have followed my own path and made the most of it. I want everyone at KY to feel welcome and that everyone can express themselves in personal life as well as a member of KY.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Sports & Wellbeing, New Students, Finance, New Premises, Ownership
Steering, Elections, Clubs.

Mia Lundström

“I’m a 5th year student majoring in ISM. During my years at KY, I have been actively involved in the community through a variety of volunteering positions. These include i.e. being a member of a sub-committee board as well as two different committees. Since I’m an individual who is always open to new challenges, applying for the KY Board feels both natural and motivating. Generally speaking, I consider myself as enthusiastic and easy to approach. As a member of the Board, I would eagerly take on the responsibilities it brings and hopefully learn new skills down the road.

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Masters’ students, Educational Affairs, Sports & Wellbeing, International Affairs.

Miko Mariapori

“I’m a second-year student majoring in finance. Technically I’m a third-year student, since I started my studies in open university. During my first year at KY I was head of corporate relations in the cultural subcommittee. During this time, I have seen the best that KY has to offer, and I want to help this community grow. I’m applying to the board to be head of corporate relations, as I see my skills fit for this role. I see myself as cooperative and enthusiastic person who is ready to take on challenges that this role has to offer.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Corporate Relations, Alumni, Ownership Steering.

Helmi Nuortimo

“I´m a third-year economics student who can’t get enough of KY! I believe that as an
energetic, positive and diligent person I’d be a great member of the board. During my time at KY, I’ve been in KY-Sub board and in sports and wellbeing committee LiHy. I’ve made unforgettable memories and learned a lot about teamwork and event organising. Now I want to challenge myself even more! I’m most interested in the responsibilities of sports and wellbeing, international affairs and sustainability. Considering my previous positions at KY, I believe these themes would suit me the best.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Sports & Wellbeing, International Affairs,

Elina Rauvala

“I enjoy the little things in life and have the ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Even though I might not be the funniest person of the group, I am someone who always treats others fairly and with kindness. I gravitate towards positions of responsibility. So far, this has led me to KOVA, tutoring, and
the board of NESU-KY. Now, I’d be thrilled to contribute to our beloved community as a member of the KY board. To end with the basics: I’m a third-year economics student about to wrap up my bachelor’s degree. Nice to meet you.

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Academic affairs, Campus affairs, Educational affairs, Subject clubs, Masters’ students

Heidi Riihimäki

“Good day KY, I am Heidi Riihimäki, a 24-year old, fourth-year student majoring in Information and Service Management. I am applying for the Board of KY Association because I want to make this community an even better place for us to learn, try, connect and have fun. I have a wide experience in different associations inside and outside KY ry, and I have developed my skills learning valuable things during the years. My greatest interests are in wellbeing, culture and educational policy. I am ready to give KY my best!

Preference for areas of responsibility:

Sports & Wellbeing, New Students, Culture, Vice
Chairperson, Educational Affairs, Academic Affairs, Sustainability

Joakim Saurén

“I’m a 25-year-old sports enthusiast. I’m studying my 4th year in accounting. Being an accounting student may sound the most boring thing ever, but that’s not true in my case. I’m full of crazy ideas, especially within wellbeing, and I’m ready to put them into practice. Internationality is also close to my heart thanks to my studies in Sweden and Mexico. During my years at KY, I’ve got unforgettable moments and met so many awesome people that I want to give something back to KY community and help students to get through these tough times.

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Sports & Wellbeing, Clubs, International Affairs

Tuomas Takanen

“3rd ISM student originally from Finland’s Athens: Jyväskylä. I’d describe myself as “the life of the party” and a very social and vocal person. I’d argue that Wednesday is the best day of the week, because of Täffä’s spagu. I think quick under pressure, love a good challenge and dominate at Trivial Pursuit. Two and half active years in both KY and AYY communities have motivated me to take the next step and apply for this role. With a strong background from both communities, I feel that I have the personality,
experiences and expertise what this kind of position needs.”

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Sports & Wellbeing, Clubs, Elections

Chair and Vice Chair of KY Representative Council

Arttu Lääkkölä

“I am a fifth-year accounting student currently studying my master’s courses. I’m an easy-going and reliable person, who’s not afraid of stressful situations. I have a strong background in KY activities, especially from the Culture Sector from both volunteer positions and working at KY as the Culture Producer last year. I believe the experience I’ve gained and my interest in KY matters have given me good understanding and perspective on how KY works. I still have a lot of motivation to give my time and effort for KY and I believe my skills would suit leading the Representative Council well.

Preference for areas of responsibility:

Chair of the KY Representative Council

Kim Jokinen

“I’m a 21-year-old sports-fan who sometimes plays the bass guitar and other times studies Economics. I have a life-long background in team sports, as well as more recent history in sales, the combination of which has given me skill set to work towards both common and personal goals. I love learning and constantly want to challenge myself to improve, without forgetting to focus on wellbeing. Strong communication, honesty and humility are things I value greatly, and I believe these values together
with my skill set would fit very well as Vice Chairman of the KY Representative Council.

Preference for areas of responsibility:
Vice Chair of the KY Representative Council