Tutorcoordinator – who is it?

Do you want to impact how the new mursus start their year?

Are you interested in developing your group leading skills?

Do you want to combine work and student life?

If the answer is yes, TUTOR COORDINATOR position is for you!


We are looking for a motivated and organisational person to lead the tutor activities of Aalto School of Business next year 2021!

The job offers you a great opportunity to develop your leadership and organisational skills. You get to impact next year’s tutor activity and orientation, and be part of deciding on how the new students experience Aalto BIZ and KY. You will become part of Aalto BIZ’s Learning Services team and get to know KY and AYY better, and be part of the decision-making inside these organisations as well.

Anna’s Blog

As a tutor coordinator this year, I have learned a lot through diverse experiences of working in many different environments. Despite the exceptional year, I’ve worked and had fun throughout the year.


What is it like to be the tutor coordinator?

Tutor coordinator work is very much self-governed, you get to choose your work time and you are in charge of making meetings, identifying tasks to do and planning ahead. So, it’s quite flexible and can be combined with student life, school work or other hobbies. The workdays are also always different, the year starts off with recruiting tutors and moves on to creating trainings and events, and preparing for orientation. You’ll learn to sharpen your organisational skills and improve your teaching skills. This job also includes leading three different types of tutors: bachelor’s, exchange and master’s, which all have different needs and aspects to understand. You’ll learn to understand these needs and having these different types of tutors also keeps your work exciting and refreshing. Of course, you have your Tutor Committee with you through it all, and getting to know and working with them is one of the best things as a coordinator.


How is work combined with student life activities?

As a coordinator, you are employed by Aalto School of Business, but you are part of the KY office as well. Your closest partner is the New Students representative from KY Board and you get to form your own committee, which includes an amazing group of volunteers. Both your partner in crime from the KY Board and Tutor Committee are irreplaceable people, which will become your greatest support and resource in this job. This year, we created many new events together, which turned out to be more fun than we anticipated!

Tutor coordinator work also includes working with AYY. You are part of the new students sector and get to impact some of the decisions made in AYY as well!


How has corona affected the job?

I added this section as corona-virus may still be present for some period of time next year.

Being tutor coordinator and also part of the tutor committee has been great in a sense that corona did not have an immense effect on the work we had. We still got to recruit the tutors, plan the events or alternative events and make the trainings. Even though for example we didn’t get to organise a tutor cottage, we decided to make other new events. The biggest challenge was to adapt to unprecedented situations, work under pressure and create alternative plans for your initial plans. However, I don’t think I would have grown so much as a person without these challenges presented this year.


So, why should you definitely apply?

If you ever wanted a job where you get to impact on something amazing, while gaining experience in leadership and organizing, this is the job for you!


With the support from the Tutor committee, BIZ, KY and AYY, you’ll have a chance to fulfill yourself! In this job, you’ll have a chance to make the position look like you!


Apply by 1st of November! Any questions regarding the position can be asked by sending a dm to me! 🙂


Tutor coordinator 2020, Anna Song